Tyler's Christmas Wonderland

7308 Castle Road, Manassas, VA

This year we had right about 20,000 lights (a little under). I added a couple more molds to Mrs. Claus Bakery and the Tree Lot has a new Frosty holding down the fort. After the wind last year destoryed my mega tree, I decided to go in a new direction. I really like how it turned out, and hope to go further with the idea next year. I have some really exciting plans for next year (some were planned for this year) that will really get the "wow!"s. I'd like to give a special thanks to my family for all the help this year. Dad, Jim, Sarah, Adam - you guys are the best! Merry Christmas to all!

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It seems like yesterday it was December 2010. Tons of things have changed since then in just a quick 2 months. Funny, as change is the theme for 2011.

The website has had it's background changed. (Now if I could find a way to get rid of this !#$%^&* big gap on the side...)

Have a great Spring.

Christmas 2010

Merry Christmas to all!

I uploaded the photos of this year's display.

Hope you all have a great holiday season.



Christmas 2009

Where has the year gone? It seemed like it was just yesterday that it was July and hot here in Virginia. The display this year features maybe 20,000 lights and 8 inflatables, and 28 blow molds outside. The Mrs. Claus inflatable was the new purchase for the year. Despite my hate of changing things up, I did manage to move a couple things around so we didn't have the same look as last year.

As of tonight, 12-5, I have the snow pics that were taken today and I hope to get those uploaded within the next week. My awesome grandfather is also sending me his pics that he took today/tonight.

When I finish the inside portion of my display (blowmolds FTW!) which is featured at my actual house, I will put those pictures up here as well.

ALL PICTURES WILL BE ONLINE BEFORE DECEMBER 25! (I guess that's a good target date :] )

I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas.


Christmas 2008 - FINAL

Thanks to everyone for making 2008 an excellent year.

This year, the Santa and deer made it out, along with a new Mrs. Claus' Bake shop sign, and the train also. To make room, the snowbglobe, mini-trees were rotated out for a couple seaons. The lights were wrapped around the tree bases this year since they are not the best lights and I was afraid of them going out as soon as they were put up. The icicle lights were another thing that did not make it out this year because I personally didn't want to deal with the hassel the always have been (half working, half not). About 25,000 thousand lights made it out this year (about 5-6 thousand is sitting with no purpose and I'm a little worried about tripping the power). 

One final NOTE: In the next comming weeks, I will be putting up pictures of my inside display and possibly just how I store all my stuff. STAY TUNED!!!!

Again thanks for everyone who has visited my this year. My family has noticed a nice pick up in traffic and thats always positive news!!


Have a great and joyful 2009,



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