Two Women and a Tray

Catering Services

Pancake Dinner

This is a fun and filling buffet for all ages from 2 to 102-years-old.

$10.95 Per Person

Minimum of 25 People

Fresh fruit
Hash Brown O'Brien
Baked Ham

Pancake toppings include:
Strawberry                Blueberry
Cherry                         Banana
Chocolate chip      Maple Syrup
Peanut butter        Whip Cream
Butter                             Apple
Your suggestions are welcomed

Orange Juice
Cranberry Juice
Hot Tea with Lemon
Coffee: cream, sugar, sweet & low or equal

New Orleans / Mardi Gras

2 Entree's: $19.95 Per Person
3 Entree's: $21.95 Per Person
Minimum of 75 People

Corny corn bread

(1) Appetizer
Belgian Endive Stuffed Crab-meat Ravigote
Absolutely the BEST nacho dip, ever

(2) Salad & Soup
Cajun Cabbage
Cajun Shrimp Soup
New Orleans Crab-meat Salad

(1) Side
Cajun Wild Rice
Authentic Louisiana Red Beans and Rice
Zesty Green Beans

(2 or 3) Entree

Chicken Jambalaya
Spicy New Orleans Catfish served with Remoulade sauce
Alligator Gumbo
New Orleans Pasta with chicken and sausage

Around The World

High Tea

                       4 Sandwiches $8.50 per person
                           5 Sandwiches $9.50 per person

                             Includes Fresh Fruit and a vegetable tray

Sandwich Choice
egg salad                           cucumber with dill cream cheese
carrot raisin spread            Bruschetta
radish & Feta                      Salami & pickled onion
Chicken salad                     Tuna salad
Blue Cheese Baguettes        Turkey & avocado wrap
Crabmeat salad                   Ham & cheese wrap 
Mini shrimp cocktail bites   Turkey Rueben


Bread choices
White, whole wheat, flavored mini bagel, rye cocktail bread,
mini croissants, raisin bread, english muffins and homemade
baguettes. ( puff parsty if availabe)