Tomohiro Usui

Peer-reviewed papers:

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  • Tobita, M., Usui, T., Yokoyama, T. (in press) New Constraints on Shergottite petrogenesis from analysis of Pb isotopic compositional space: implications for mantle heterogeneity and crustal assimilation on Mars. Geochemical Journal
    Geochemical Journal, in press, 2016.
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Others articles:

  • Usui T. (2015) Evolution of water reservoirs on Mars: New insights from hydrogen isotope analysis. Isotope News, 10. 2-5. 
  • Usui T. and Namiki N. (2011). Report of the 4th Mars Science Laboratory Landing Site Workshop. Planetary Geology News 23 (issue 1), 1-3. (in Japanese).
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