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Costumes and Reproductions

This is our specialty and the majority of our business.  Below is a tiny selection of what we have done and can do.  More pics available at facebook.com/tulipdesign or etsy.com/shop/tulipdesign. 

Sheila has designed or built costumes for over fifty shows and films throughout the US, as well as in Vienna Austria and Nantes France.   She specializes in historically accurate period pieces, has worked in two costume museums, and is passionate about historical accuracy.  We do everything from high school productions to professional opera and museum quality restoration - all at an affordable price.  Simpler costumes can be as low as $50, but we can do elaborate period gowns with hand embroidery, hoopskirts, corsets, etc. as well.  This is an excellent option for historical reenactment groups and theaters that don't employ a full time costume crew.

We love cosplayers!  E-mail us pics of your favorite character and we'll custom make something fantastic.  See pervious projects on etsy and Facebook.

Of course we also make costumes for SCA events, national/folk events, Halloween, theater, etc.  

Come in to the shop to browse our well stocked costume history library and portfolio if you're not sure what you want.  



Sheila has worked in costume museums in both Europe and the US and has an extensive costume history background.  We offer costume history classes upon request.

We not only make accurate historical reproductions, but we restore vintage fashions as well.  Your garment will be treated with extreme care and love.  Not everything can be restored to full wearability, but please talk to us before you give up on something you love!  We can also put lining in vintage dresses, or make slips or under dresses to go under delicate vintage items.

REPRODUCTIONS: Anything you find can be re-made, and it will fit you perfectly.  Don't let the smaller sizes of vintage fashions deter you from wearing styles you love but can't find in stores.

Below are a few  items that Sheila was involved in restoring and displaying at the Historical Museum of the City of Vienna in Austria. Many other examples available - e-mail for an appointment!