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Tulip Design

2500 University Ave. Suite C2

Saint Paul, MN 55114


We are always available from 9:30-5:30 on Wednesdays, or appointments can be made days, evening or weekends.




We are in the "triangle building", also known as the Midway Commercial Building on the corner of Hwy. 280 and University Ave.  in Saint Paul.  There is street parking on all three sides of the building (spots in front have meters, all others are free). 


About Us

Sheila, owner and designer, went to college for Costume Design and is currently working on  her Master's Degree in Apparel with a focus on costume history.  She has worked in New York, Boston, Vienna Austria, Nantes France and the Twin Cities.  She has four children.  The bulk of her experience is in theater and museums, though she has made some of everything.  Her specialty is designing and making historically accurate costumes - she especially loves pattern making.  She has designed and made numerous wedding and formal gowns, as well as doing a lot of other sewing, and she teaches our sewing classes.  She is the business owner and the only full time employee.  Everything we make is designed by her

Karen, one of our part time seamstresses, has over forty years of experience making costumes.  She has worked extensively with the SCA and other reenactment groups.

Consuelo, our other part time seamstress, is from Honduras, but has lived and worked in the Twin Cities for over thirty years.  She ran her own business "Infinity Fashion Design" for most of that time, and recently gave up her two shops (one in Minneapolis and the other in Crystal) to make an attempt at retirement.  Though she is semi-retired, she has kept all of her professional equipment, and she now works out of her home in Minneapolis.   There's hardly anything Consuelo hasn't made, from clown costumes for circuses to wedding dresses and home textiles. 

During our busy seasons (Renaissance Festival and Halloween), we employ a number of overhire stitchers from throughout the Twin Cities area.


Consuelo at her shop in Minneapolis (1996) 


Sheila (1998)