What is Happening in America?

Are we headed back to the Middle Ages?

To Muslims of America, I Apologize


September 2007 


A growing consensus of Americans (and, in my case, Canadians) believe that 9/11 was a "false flag" operation carried out by the Bush administration and their agents in the American military and intelligence communities.  (1)

According to many people who have studied the situation, 9/11 was not caused by 19 Middle-Eastern hijackers; it was an “inside job,” a clandestine operation, like the Gulf of Tonkin incident in 1964 and the bombing of the U.S.S. Liberty in 1967. (2)

I am not writing this article to review the events of 9/11 but to speak for a moment to America’s Muslim population about the “official story” of the events of that day and subsequent occurrences.  9/11 students have heard many times before what I am about to say here.  This article is not meant for you so please do not engage me on details of my interpretation.  I would like to speak to Muslims only for a moment.

The 9/11 conspiracy seems to have been aimed at railroading the American people into wars on Afghanistan, Iraq, and Iran



The aim appears to have been to capture Middle-East oil and establish American world hegemony before the American economy itself collapsed from debt and the greenback fell as the world’s premier currency. (3)  

According to Michael Meacher, the administration had been negotiating with the Taliban for a pipeline right-of-way through Afghanistan. They offered a carpet of gold or a carpet of bombs and the Taliban refused the gold.  (4)

Some say that the plans for the invasion of Afghanistan were already in place before 9/11; that the troops were already positioned.  They allege that George Bush had the necessary war papers ready for signing on his desk before 9/11. 9/11 provided the pretext and the papers were signed. (5) 

In my view -- a view which is not shared by the majority in the 9/11 Truth Movement by the way -- the North and South Towers were not hit by passenger planes, but by remote-controlled drones.  These allegations explain the pod on the belly of the aircraft that hit Tower 2, the testimony of an eyewitness that the plane that hit Tower 2 had no passenger windows and was not a passenger jet, and the tight flight manouevres that would have rendered a pilot unconscious and would have been overridden by the plane’s onboard computer. (6)

The investigators I find convincing point out that all the aircraft involved in 9/11 were followed from the first alarms by air-traffic controllers, but that neither NORAD nor the Pentagon responded. Certainly the FAA knew by 8:30 a.m. on Sept. 11 that an emergency was playing out, a time well before the first crash.  This time allowance would have been sufficient for NORAD to have launched interceptors and to have brought down the “airliners.” (7) 

Again, the people I find convincing argue that the North and South Towers, as well as World Trade Center Building 7, were not brought down by airplane crashes, but by the controlled explosion of thousands of explosive charges.  This explanation accounts for the bursting auras as the buildings collapsed and the demolition “squibs” observable in the news coverage.  The fact that the buildings were brought down by controlled demolition is also inferable from the time it took the buildings to collapse (around 8 seconds), and corroborated by reputable architects, engineers, emergency responders, and demolitions experts.  (8) 

To bring a building down by controlled demolition takes extensive planning over days, if not weeks, moving the date of preparation well back before 9/11.  This one fact alone establishes that nineteen Middle-Eastern hijackers with boxcutters could not have been responsible.  The planning involved would have been extensive and the installation of the multitude of charges could not have been done by an outside team.  (9)   

According to the view I hold, which again is not the majority view in the Truth Movement, the Pentagon was hit by a guided missile, as Donald Rumsfeld affirmed in a subsequent magazine interview. (10)  Lt. Col. Karen Kwiatkowski worked at the Pentagon and went outside on 9/11 to look at the damage. What she saw shocked her.  There was no wreckage on the scene (wings, tail, engines, seats, luggage, bodies).  There was an entry hole only 20 feet wide.  No adjacent windows were smashed.  The lawn was not damaged or scorched. She thought the scene consistent with a missile attack, but not with an airplane crash.  (11)  Government involvement would explain why the FBI confiscated all film footage and released only five inconclusive frames from all the footage available.  (12) 

Hani Hanjour, alleged to have piloted the “aircraft,” may have been part of the government’s plot insofar as he trained at an American flight school. His instructor said he was average at flying a Cessna. The instructor could not imagine Hanjour flying a 757. 

When one adds the fact that the flight data recorder showed a rapid descent and a bank which a passenger jet could hardly have made and then a precision hit on the first floor of the building which military pilots have said they would have found difficult to carry out, the hypothesis that Hani Hanjour flew whatever hit the Pentagon becomes too improbable to be believed.  (13) 

As for the rest of the “hijackers,” the theory is that some of them were paid money to attend flight school, but that is the extent of their role.  Mohammed Atta was paid what I have heard was an instalment of $100,000 on Sept. 11, the payment being made in Washington through a Pakistani ISI general.  On 9/11, Atta entered the United States and was photographed at the airport, following which he allegedly took a connecting flight back out of the United States. (14)  No Arab names appear on any of the flights’ manifests.  That seems to prove that the purported hijackers were not on the planes. (15) 

The serendipitous survival and discovery of a “hijacker’s” passport in excellent condition near Ground Zero after the total destruction of the North and South Towers is so questionable as to seem impossible. (16)  The lack of credibility of that event must implicate in the conspiracy the agents who put the story forward. 

At least five of the "hijackers" were found alive after 9/11; one was surprised to see his name in the news.  This element of the official story is so important that I shall quote at length the evidence refuting it: 

The New Pearl Harbor [by David Ray Griffin] reported evidence that at least six of the alleged hijackers are still alive. David Harrison of the Telegraph interviewed two of the men who supposedly died on Flight 93, which crashed in Pennsylvania, one of whom said that he "had never even heard of Pennsylvania," let alone died there. The Associated Press reported that Waleed al-Shehri, supposedly on Flight 11, contacted the U.S. embassy in Morocco about two weeks after 9/11. The 9/11 Commission Report, nevertheless, suggested that al-Shehri was responsible for stabbing one of the flight attendants shortly before Flight 11 crashed into the North Tower.” (17) 

“Saeed Al-Ghamdi, Mohand Al-Shehri, Abdul Aziz Al-Omari and Salem Al-Hazmi ‘are not dead and had nothing to do with the heinous terror attacks in New York and Washington,’ the Saudi Arabian embassy told the Orlando Sentinel.” 

“Saudi Arabia's Foreign Minister Prince Saud Al-Faisal told the Arabic Press after meeting with President George W. Bush on Sept. 20th [that] ‘it was proved that five of the names included in the FBI list had nothing to do with what happened.’”  (18)  

How much of the “official story” has survived so far?

Some news reports indicate that Osama bin Laden stayed in the American military hospital in Dubai and was visited by the local CIA chief in June/July 2001. (19) At that time, he was wanted for the African embassy bombings, but no one attempted to arrest or harm him.  

Others point out that, on Sept. 10, 2001, Osama bin Laden was admitted into a Pakistani hospital for his renal condition.  He was closely guarded by the Pakistani military, though no explanations were furnished as to why.  Surely the U.S. would have been aware of bin Laden’s whereabouts on Sept. 11.   (20)  

Again, one has to notice that the FBI is not actively pursuing bin Laden for 9/11, as their spokesmen have said and as their website “wanted poster” demonstrates. (21) Last January, the CIA shut down its team dedicated to finding bin Laden.  (22)  

Why would they do that if bin Laden was the author of the worst crime in U.S. history? 

One of the frustrations of investigating events that are being covered up is that the investigator can say what sounds untrue (contradictory, improbable, implausible, etc.), but cannot say what is true.  I therefore have no idea if Osama bin Laden actually played some role in 9/11, but, if he did, increasingly that role seems to resemble a part paid for by the CIA.  At this moment, I am not sure whether Osama bin Laden is alive or dead; I suspect he is dead from kidney failure.

Now why do I bring up these events?  I do not bring them up because I want you to subscribe to my view as what really happened on 9/11.  I do not know what really happened.  I’m not sure anyone does, with the exception of scientists who have looked at physical remains and can say with some assurance what events happened at the chemical and physical level.

I write this article to say that it does seem clear to me that 9/11 was “made in America” and made by what appear to be officials at the highest levels of power and their shadowy hirelings in what President Eisenhower called the “military-industrial complex.”.

Following these events, these same officials dictated that a policy of rounding up American Muslims, racially-profiling them at airports, and treating the community with suspiciousness should prevail, even though they themselves had caused the catastrophe and not the American Muslim community.

I acknowledge here that I know practically nothing about the American Muslim community. I know very, very little about world Islam.  I am not an expert on 9/11 either.  It was not my intention to write on any of those themes.

It was my intention to offer my apologies to the American Muslim community for having bought the official story of 9/11 for so long and shared in the suspiciousness towards Muslims that the story engenders.

Looking from the vantage point I do now,  I see no grounds for blaming Muslims for 9/11.  

It may be that the actions of the American government have created a “war on terror” where none existed as of 2001; I don’t know.  An unjust and illegal war in Afghanistan and Iraq has killed millions of people and made the U.S. a rogue state among nations.  But again I do not claim to be an expert on any of these circumstances.

But I do believe that the “war on terror,” along with 9/11 itself, was created by the Bush Administration itself.  Every time I hear of a terror alert, I suspect that I am being manipulated.  I think we can walk outside today and breathe a breath of fresh air and know that there is no such thing in America as a terrorist threat.  There is however a very real threat from a criminal administration.

Recently Vice-President Cheney, CIA Director Gen. Michael Hayden, and other major and minor political figures have hinted that a second 9/11 could be expected.  I also think that, should it occur, this event too will be an inside job and will have nothing to do with the American Muslim community. And I feel a need to say that before an event like it occurs.

In my mind, George Bush, Dick Cheney and unknown other shadowy figures whom I cannot name are the real terrorists.  They are guilty of mass murder and high treason.  And we are complicit through our silence and in accepting false charges against Muslims.  


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Are There Any Muslims Here?

14 August 2007


If there are any Muslims in this space, please consider this:

George Bush and members of his administration, assisted by colleagues in the military and intelligence communities, industry, the media, and so on, staged the events of September 11, 2001. (For a complete discussion of this allegation, see <a href="http://www.freewebs.com/truthseeker22/">http://www.freewebs.com/truthseeker22/</a>.)

They ordered that two military drones be rammed into World Trade Center Buildings 1 and 2.

They had those two buildings, as well as Building 7, rigged beforehand with thousands of cutter charges, whose detonation was clearly heard by eyewitnesses and first responders and can be seen on the relevant videos.

They destroyed those buildings, killing everyone in them.

To the best of my knowledge, no one knows what happened to the people in the original flights. One can only guess that they too were murdered, but I do not have any evidence for that suspicion.

They launched a missile against the Pentagon and a missile against what they alleged was Flight 93 in Pennsylvania.

They staged cellphone calls even though cellphones did not work in 2001 above 8,000 feet and the planes were travelling at 35,000 feet.

They ordered that no fighter jets be sent up, even though FAA air traffic controllers knew by 8:30 a.m., thirty-five minutes before the first plane hit the WTC, that an emergency was occurring.

They handpicked the 9/11 Commission to cover events up and required numerous government agencies to issue reports which also served to provide them with cover.

They convinced the world that 19 Muslim extremists with boxcutters had done all this, even though many of those "extremists" are known to be alive today and living in Saudi Arabia, Dubai, and Morocco.

What does this mean to you?

Well, your community has been blamed for these events for six years. You have been subject to racial profiling at airports. You have been subject to suspicion from your neighbours. Every time a phoney terrorist alert occurs, you stand to be held suspect again.

All for something in which the Muslim community had no hand.

But here is something you should carefully consider.

The Bush administration has dropped hints that it will stage a second 9/11 this August 2007, in order to kickstart a nuclear war against Iran.

You will be blamed for it.

The government is committed to making it look as if you Muslims will have executed the second 9/11, as they misrepresented you as having executed the first.  Your people will be rounded up. Some will be jailed and tortured. You will meet racial sterotyping at the airport and ports of entry and exit.  All of this will be a fabrication, but few in America may believe that it is. 

The top choices, apparently, are detonating a nuclear bomb in Portland, Oregon, where a military exercise will be staged in August or another plane directed against the Sears Tower in Chicago, which was recently purchased by Larry Silverstein, lease-owner of the World Trade Center.

I cannot urge the citizens of Portland and Chicago strongly enough to take this warning to heart.  There is a "red alert" on for both your cities and the "terrorists" are your own government.

You, me, and everyone have very little time to lose. There isn't time to sit around and gab about impeachment. The window of opportunity to impeach Bush and Co. before they stage their second 9/11 and declare martial law is very slim. Once they have declared martial law, well, I'll see you in jail - if we are lucky.

Muslims of America, no Muslim blew up the World Trade Center. No Muslim threatens the United States in the manner that the government tries to represent. The security situation is a huge scam. There is no need for a "Homeland Security" department; there never was. All of it is a covert operation on a massive scale.

I am not a Muslim. I am, as a matter of fact, a Jew. I extend the hand of friendship to you and express my regrets for the suffering that this administration has put you through.

I appeal to all Muslims everywhere to throw off the mantle of blame and shame which this administration invites you to wear.

Join the impeachment forces in seeking to bring to the bar the real mass murderers and high traitors -- the members of the current administration -- before it is too late.


What was the Role of Osama bin Laden in 9/11?

15 August 2007


Question:  If Bush and his henchmen carried out 9/11, then why does Al Qaeda accept responsibility for it? I would assume that they must be in with Bush in some manner or are they CIA operatives?

Answer:  My information, which is in the Sourcebook I directed you to, (1 – see “Notes” below) is that none of this was staged by Osama bin Laden.


Before answering your question, though, please keep in mind how information surfaces about these kind of “top secret,” “national security” subjects. It surfaces after 50 years when classified documents are declassified, such as those documents that point to Prescott Bush, George W. Bush’s grandfather, making his first million as American banker to the Nazis. (2)


It surfaces because whistleblowers, who have retired from their careers, want to come clean, such as the whistleblowers who revealed that George Bush, as CIA director and Vice-President, organized CIA operations that sold cocaine and other drugs, supplied arms to their own brand of “terrorists,” and assassinated world leaders like Olaf Palme of Sweden, who opposed them. We are talking about the father of our current president and a president in his own right, note.  (3)


Then information also surfaces because intrepid journalists like Bernstein and Woodward follow a trail. But we have no intrepid journalists today. The plot is too big, the punishment for following it is too serious, and the newspapers themselves are too tightly controlled by the political/military/industrial complex.


So the impeachment and 9/11 truth movements have to go on conjecture, improbable coincidence, and a scrap of news here and there.  You must allow for this situation when you review the information we have on what is virtually a contemporary matter, hidden behind veils of national security, whose revelation can be punishable by death.


Having said that, here is what I have heard.


First of all, we need to refresh our memories on the fact that the CIA created Osama bin Laden during the Russian occupation of Afghanistan.  The terror network associated with Osama, known as the "data base" (al-Qaeda), originated in the CIA-sponsored 1980s anti-Soviet jihad in Afghanistan.”  (4)


The 9/11 Truth Organization maintains that there is a “longstanding relationship between US intelligence networks and radical Islamists, including the network surrounding Osama Bin Ladin.”  (5)


Global researcher Michel Chossudovsky agrees that “Al Qaeda has been supported and financed from its inception in the early 1980s by … the CIA.”  (6)


Le Figaro alleged that, prior to 9/11, Osama bin Laden visited Dubai and met a CIA agent there in July 2001. (7)   The CIA has given bin Laden the code name “Tim Osman.  (8)  My understanding was that “Tim Osman” was in hospital in Dubai, but I cannot at this moment find my reference for saying that. (I think it was 9/11: In Plane Site.)


Now if you’re saying to yourself, but 9/11 hadn’t happened at that time, fair enough. But, if you look at the FBI Most Wanted poster online, you’ll see that Osama bin Laden was at that time very much a wanted man.  The poster is online: 


“Usama Bin Laden is wanted in connection with the August 7, 1998, bombings of the United States Embassies in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, and Nairobi, Kenya. These attacks killed over 200 people. In addition, Bin Laden is a suspect in other terrorist attacks throughout the world.” (9)


Now, if bin Laden was already wanted for the murders of hundreds of Americans, why would the CIA not capture or kill him when they knew where he was?  Why would they simply visit him? And what was there to discuss at that visit, two months before 9/11?


Keep in mind that many foreign governments told the United States that some kind of terrorist attack was soon coming:


Prior to 9/11, Putin of Russia warned that there was going to be a terrorist attack on the United States.  The German Intelligence warned us, the Moroccan Intelligence warned us, the Jordanian Intelligence warned us, even Moula Omar, head of the Taliban warned us.  The Moussad warned us the attack was coming on the United States.  On the sixth of August, and this was brought up by the 9/11 Commission, on the sixth of August, why the President received a briefing, the Presidential daily briefing, which said “Osama bin Laden determined to attack in the United States and the attack talked about high-jacking America planes and yet, both the leaders of the FBI and the CIA said, “Well, we knew an attack was coming, but we were certain it was going to be overseas.”  How could they have possibly given the President briefing on the sixth of August saying “Osama bin Laden determined to attack in the United States”, and they tell us the attack is coming overseas? They’re simply lying to the American People, and the tragedy is it doesn’t matter how ridiculous something is, if you say it often enough, most American’s will believe it. (10)


Are we to believe that by August 6 the Bush administration was briefed that many governments and other sources knew an attack was coming and the CIA did not know one month before August 6  when its agent visited “Tim Osman” in Dubai?


Why no capture or execution?  Because the United States government itself was the one who was about to attack its own people.  


Now let’s move to the events of September 11, 2001. 


Where was Osama bin Laden the night before 9/11?  On 10 September 2001, Osama bin Laden was admitted to a Pakistani military hospital and given dialysis. (11)  Could not the Pakistanis have held him on September 11 if they had wanted to or if they had wished to assist the U.S.?  Is it possible that bin Laden could have been in a Pakistani military hospital and the U.S. not know about it?  Not likely.


Before we look at the "bin Laden airlift," let us recall that Osama bin Laden was a member of the Carlyle Group and, as such, an associate of former CIA director and Carlyle Group member George H.W. Bush. (12)


Now let us turn to the only planeload of people allowed to leave the United States on 9/11: the relatives of Osama bin Laden.  Said 9/11 Truth.Org:


The 9/11 investigations made light of the "Bin Laden Airlift" during the no-fly period, and ignored the long-standing Bush family business ties to the Bin Ladin family fortune. (A company in which both families held interests, the Carlyle Group, was holding its annual meeting on September 11th, with George Bush Sr., James Baker, and two brothers of Osama Bin Ladin in attendance.) (13)


In November 2001, the Bush administration released a video of Osama bin Laden taking credit for the 9/11 explosions. Though the FBI, on its wanted poster, describes bin Laden as “thin” and he is known to be a man who suffers from kidney problems, the man in the video is husky.  Moreover, Osama bin Laden is left-handed and the man in the video eats and writes with his right hand. Islam forbids jewelry and the man in the video sports a ring and a watch.


Those are some of the problems with the video, according to the Power Hour’s 9:11: In Plane Site.


9/11 Truth.Org has alleged that “the State Department’s translation of [the tape] is fraudulent.”  (14)


9/11 Researcher Maher Osseiran believes that bin Laden was in the November tape; I do not.  He believes the CIA ran a sting on bin Laden to capture his boastful remarks on that tape.  Although I don’t agree with Osseiran’s allegations so far, I do find his remarks on why the CIA did not dispose of bin Laden during these days, generally germaine:


We concluded that bin Laden was allowed to walk because if he were captured instead of just being taped, there would have been diminished justification and therefore less support for military actions in Afghanistan.  Arguably, if bin Laden had been captured or killed when the CIA had the chance on September 26, 2001 – the Bush Administration would have met much greater resistance against its invasion of Afghanistan.  (15)


And, as you can see in the Sourcebook, invasion of Afghanistan, and later Iraq and Iran – in other words, capture of Iraqi and Iranian oil and the right-of-way for a pipeline through Afghanistan – are what 9/11 were all about.


Although evidence points to the Pakistani government serving as a go-between between the United States government and Al Qaeda, it is only after Pakistan refuses to commit in February 2007 to going to war with Iran that Vice-President Dick Cheney accuses Pakistan of hiding Osama bin Laden:


Cheney also has the option of attacking into Pakistan. Cheney had visited Pakistan at the end of February [2007] with an obvious ultimatum to General Musharraf to get ready to mount a land war against Iran this summer. Equally and immediately obvious was the fact that Musharraf, who considers himself the heir to the great Mustafa Kemal Ataturk of Turkey, had told the Vice President to go Cheney himself. With Pakistan refusing to attack its neighbor, Cheney suddenly discovered that Osama bin Laden was being protected by Musharraf! ….


If Musharraf was harboring Osama, why would al Qaeda declare war against Musharraf? The answer is what it has always been: “al Qaeda” is a troupe of agents provocateurs founded by the CIA and the British, and remains so until this day. (16)


Notice from the FBI poster that bin Laden has never been charged with the events of 2001.  One researcher quotes the FBI director at the time, Robert Mueller, saying that there is “no legal proof to prove the identities of the suicidal hijackers." (17)


Evidence from news articles suggests that many of the hijackers are still alive.


We heard within days of the events that something like five or six of these people were still alive and well and living in the Middle East.  (18)


Saeed Al-Ghamdi, Mohand Al-Shehri, Abdul Aziz Al-Omari and Salem Al-Hazmi "are not dead and had nothing to do with the heinous terror attacks in New York and Washington." the Saudi Arabian embassy told The Orlando Sentinel.


Saudi Arabia's Foreign Minister Prince Saud Al-Faisal told the Arabic Press after meeting with President George W. Bush on Sept. 20th [that] "it was proved that five of the names included in the FBI list had nothing to do with what happened."  (19)


Since none of the 19 hijackers names appear on any of the flight manifests, the question may be asked how the FBI knew who they were, especially since they were all dead and their bodies unrecovered? (20)


Q:  How were the FBI and CIA able to release the names and photos of the alleged hijackers within hours, as well as to visit houses, restaurants, and flight schools they were known to frequent?

A:  Those names were chosen prior to 9/11, by way of a "false flag" deception intended to convince the American People that the real hijackers were Arabs who "hate our freedoms".  Several of those alleged Arab "hijackers" turned up alive the following day, however.  Their several passports were most probably stolen, in order to implicate those same Arab men. (21)


It is alleged that the $100,000 that the Pakistani Interservices Intelligence (ISI) Agency general carried away from his meeting with American officials ended up in the hands of Mohammed Atta, who was paid for coming into the United States and almost immediately leaving on an interconnecting flight. 


That is the answer to the question about what we “know” about Osama bin Laden – only fragments of information.  It is like pieces to a jigsaw puzzle. But the number of pieces that we are able to put in place produce a partial picture that very much contradicts the official picture on the front of the box. 


Osama bin Laden was not behind 9/11.


George Bush and Dick Cheney were.





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