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Depleted-Uranium (DU)

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16 Sept. 2007










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Fallout from U.S. Tests Causes Widespread Disease and Death. 2

U.S. Nuclear Reactors Give Rise to Cancer 2

DU Production Plants Give Off Radioactive Dust 3

DU from Livermore Labs 3

DU Used by Airforce. 4



Fallout from U.S. Tests Causes Widespread Disease and Death


We are well aware that the radiation fall-out map, “Under the Cloud: Decades of Nuclear Testing,” has demonstrated the effects of 1200 nuclear weapon tests conducted at the Nevada Test Site; and the US Government admitted in Nov. 2002, that every living person in the US between 1958-63 was exposed to this fall out – resulting in cancer, gene mutation, heart disease, autism, diabetes, Parkinsons, ALS, asthma, chronic fatigue syndrome , hypothyroidism in newborns, obesity and learning disabilities. One out of twelve children in the US is disabled. The fall out did not stop at the US borders. It travelled around the world, as atmospheric dust and remains even in the biosphere/sub-orbital space today. (Admiral Vishnu Bhagwat, “Silent WMDs – Effects of Depleted Uranium,” International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW), New Delhi, 29 Feb., 1-2 March 2004, downloaded from http://traprockpeace.org/bhagwat_du_29feb04.pdf, 12 Sept. 2007.)


U.S. Nuclear Reactors Give Rise to Cancer


High breast cancer rates have been collocated in the proximity of nuclear power plants in the west and more so in the east coast areas of the US (The Breast cancer map from “The Enemy Within: the high cost of living near nuclear reactors”, quotes US Govt. Disease Control Centers. The Radiation & Public health Report (RPHP), rendered by a group of independent scientists collected 4000 baby teeth and by measuring Strontium 90 levels in the baby teeth ( a built in dosi-meter ) they have been able to co-relate with radiation related diseases in children living near the nuclear power plants; the main path ways being dairy products and drinking water. (Admiral Vishnu Bhagwat, “Silent WMDs – Effects of Depleted Uranium,” International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW), New Delhi, 29 Feb., 1-2 March 2004, downloaded from http://traprockpeace.org/bhagwat_du_29feb04.pdf, 12 Sept. 2007.)


DU Production Plants Give Off Radioactive Dust


The Army says that only soldiers wounded by depleted uranium shrapnel or who are inside tanks during an explosion face measurable radiation exposure.


But as far back as 1979, Leonard Dietz, a physicist at the Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory upstate, discovered that DU-contaminated dust could travel for long distances.


Dietz, who pioneered the technology to isolate uranium isotopes, accidentally discovered that air filters with which he was experimenting had collected radioactive dust from a National Lead Industries Plant that was producing DU 26 miles away. His discovery led to a shutdown of the plant.


"The contamination was so heavy that they had to remove the topsoil from 52 properties around the plant," Dietz said. (Juan Gonzalez, “Poisoned? Shocking report reveals local troops  may be victims of America's high-tech weapons,” New York Daily News, 3 April 2004, downloaded from http://www.nydailynews.com/front/story/180333p-156685c.html, 16 Sept. 2007.)


DU from Livermore Labs


Speaking of leukemia hitting close to home, this week in the news we heard of two San Francisco celebrities who both died of leukemia - Tom Snyder, a TV broadcaster, and pro football coach, Bill Walsh of the San Francisco 49ers. The only thing the media did not get around to mentioning (naturally) is the fact that a national weapons site called Lawrence Livermore Laboratory, located in the greater San Francisco Bay area in California has been [expelling] massive quantities of radioactive and toxic "Depleted" Uranium in the open air since at least 1961.


Some might say that two guys dying from leukemia in San Francisco is no big deal. But in just 2006 alone, The American Cancer Society predicted that an estimated 3,450 Californians – more than any other state – would be diagnosed with brand new cases of leukemia. (1) (Cathy Garger, “Depleted Uranium and Leukemia – At Home and Abroad,” Independent Media Center, 3 Aug. 2007, downloaded from http://www.indymedia.org/en/2007/08/890329.shtml  5 Sept. 2007




(1) http://www.cancer.org/downloads/stt/CAFF06EsCsSt.pdf


DU Used by Airforce


San Antonio … is host to the now-closed Kelly Air Force Base and the current Lackland Air Force Base where “Depleted” Uranium [a nuclear by-product fired out of US military weapons] was used at both locations for many years. In fact, in 1963, at the Medina Base, (now the Lackland Air Force Base) an explosion occurred involving 50,000 kg. (50 metric tons) of high explosives, including radioactive “Depleted” Uranium (DU). 3


Additionally, at Kelly Air Force Base, DU was used routinely as a counterweight in aircraft, in the manufacture of anti-tank ammunition, and as a shielding material. At the location now called the Lackland Air Force Base, five radioactive waste sites have been identified and many items on the base that emit radiation - from electron tubes to Depleted Uranium used as ballast on aircraft are present. 4, 5


Not surprisingly, an analysis of the health of residents living in the San Antonio area from 1990 to 1997 showed statistically significant, elevated rates in both incidences and mortality rates of various cancers. 6 Unfortunately, however, these air force bases are only two such radioactively contaminated locations out of a total of at least 153 such contaminated sites in Texas [see Resources below for link to radioactive locations by state].


The thing most Americans probably do not know about these radioactively contaminated military and weapons facilities all over the country is that the material used in “testing”, explosions, and incineration of what is deceptively called “Depleted” Uranium (called this since some of the Uranium-235 has been removed from natural Uranium in order to use the U-235 in bombs) stays around forever – or, if not forever, then at least pretty darn close.


In fact, the half-life of “Depleted” Uranium is a whopping 4.5 Billion years. On top of that, the quantity of a radioactive element diminishes by a factor of one thousand (1,000) during the span of ten (10) half-lives. Essentially, 4.5 Billion years times 10 - or 45 Billion years - is the amount of time it will take for almost all of the Uranium-238 in the “Depleted Uranium” to complete its decay chain into non-radioactive Lead-206.


In other words, the ceramic Uranium oxides caused by open-air firing, blasting, and burning of DU at military and nuclear weapons “laboratory” facilities today will continue to pollute America’s air, water, and soil - required components necessary to sustain the life of our descendents - for many Billions (with a “B”) of years. (Cathy Garger, “Mistresses of High Cancer Rates Cover-Up,” Axis of Logic, 9 Sept. 2007, downloaded from http://axisoflogic.com/artman/publish/article_25217.shtml, 16 Sept. 2007.)






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