endeavouring for a cleaner and greener India....




      Welcome to 



a not-for-profit, non-political,  non-government  association of tree-lovers, green activists and volunteers, committed :

       *  to protect trees and environment

       *  to spread awareness of the role of trees in our life and the need   to protect it and plant more trees to save us from  environmental hazards and help people live in a green and clean environment; 

       *   to make people aware of climate change and its effects, and the role of trees in arresting its adverse impacts;

        *  to advance the education of the public in the ecological   importance  of  trees and their amenity value and to encourage the planting, care and protection of Trees and in educating and involving the students in this direction;

         *  to work for a pollution free society; and

         *  to  cooperate  and support other NGOs  towards achieving the    "8 UN Millenniums  Development Goals"  like formation and support of self-help-groups of underprivileged local people, adivasis and forest  dwellers for alternate means of livelihood and their vocational training, to ensure  environmental sustainability.


        Come, let us together  

                                save our mother earth !!



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