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We hope you will stick around long enough to get to know who we are and what we are all about. Trinity Inc Evangelistic Association is a multi-faceted organization interested in people. We are committed to helping people find meaning and direction in life. We have discovered the purpose for human life on this planet and aim to share this discovery with all who are interested.

Most of the world has made life far too complicated and complex for anyone to find peace, joy, happiness and purpose in our existance. We have discovered there is no real reason for people to accept this condition. You do not have to live in confusion. You can be in control of your circumstances. You do not have to be alone or adrift in a life of meaninglessness. We can help you find the way to navigate life's stormy seas with a steady hand and certain course.  We invite you to discover for yourself the course you were created to steer.




The answer is found in God. Not the version of god that most of the world seems to be so confused about but the real, honest to goodness, one and only God who created human life. Most of our world would have you to believe that God is unknowable, remote, inaccessible, uncaring and angry with humanity. He is presented as hateful, vindictive, judgemental and condemning in His nature. He is pictured as placing mankind in an impossibly difficult environment where He has installed inhuman hindrances before all mankind in their quest to understand and live in harmony with Him. Most of the world would have you to believe you are not, and will never be, worthy of acceptance into relationship with this God in this life. Most of the world would have you to believe you can only earn a place with God through a series of very difficult achievements which are next to impossible to find and even more difficult to understand. They would have you believe that only in the next world will you truly find God. This pathway, presented by most of the world, is called RELIGION. It has many faces and is called by many names.




There is a way that God has provided himself which will put you on the pathway to human fulfilment and purpose, in this life. It is so incredibly simple that most of the world is rejecting it. We have found it and are here to share: All that will be required of you is to accept what He has already done. There is no cost. It is completely and absolutely free to all who will step forward and trust Him to provide what is needed. All you need to do is ask and it is yours. The man Jesus Christ leads the way, charts the course and makes the journey with you. It's that simple.


Our senior Evangelist, Clifford Neal has written a book entitled "HOUNDED" which demonstrates how the most unworthy person alive can step onto this pathway and walk with God. He demonstrates it by sharing the real life story of a man who, completely beyond hope according to the standards of the world, found this path and walked on it. We invite you to explore the possibility for yourself.





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BOOK COSTS: HOUNDED - Paperback edition $15.99  -  Hardcover edition $29.95  plus Shipping& Handling 

Kindle edition - $6.50

KINDRED SPIRITS  Paperback edition - $16.50 - Kindle edition - &7.50


You will find the books on by clicking on the links below





Recent Ministry Involvement

Currently, Bro. Neal is working with Adams Memorial Baptist Church in Jasper, Texas in rebuilding a congregation that came close to closing its doors after many years of decline. This church has a great legacy but in recent times has suffered several reverses for many reasons. The congregation called upon our Evangelist, believing that God could draw from his ministry in breathing new life and vision. Progress is slow but progress is being seen. We ask your prayers in support of this work and for the extended ministry of Trinity Inc.

Bro. Neal is still available to churches of any size and need as an Evangelist. He responds as God leads and provides. 

Our Senior Evangelist completed an Interim Pastorate a while back for a church that he served as Pastor many years ago. It has been an honor to be called upon by this church. It demonstrates the high esteem that the church has for Bro. Neal. It is also a statement of great confidence in his leadership and offers testimony as to the value of his ministry to any church.

 You might wish to hear some of the sermons that Clifford Neal shared with the church during his work there.  If so, log into  for the home page of Tanglewood Baptist Church. You may hear these sermons by clicking on the "Sermons" link on the left side of the homepage.

Please let us know if these messages are a blessing to you. You will find material that is vital to the spiritual health of the local church and individual believers that you may wish to share.



Plans have been completed and all arrangements are finished for an upcoming trip to Israel. At the present, the trip is scheduled for December 2015. There is a group of pilgrims committed and excited about walking where our Lord Jesus lived and ministered. You can be included if you act quickly.

I am always amazed, from one trip to the next, at the tremendous expansion and refinement that is taking place in the beautiful land. Cities are springing up everywhere and excavations are revealing more and more of the historical remains of the land of the Bible.

The group will depart from Houston, Texas and return to the same airport.  

Clifford Neal's son, Scott, who is pastor of Eagle Heights Fellowship Church in Mont Belview, Texas will be heading up this tour and will be sharing the scriptures with the group as it travels and studies together. Other family members are planning to be along as well and will add much depth to the experience in worship and music.

If you would like to be a part, please send us your contact information at and we will furnish you with the particulars of the trip in personal correspondence.

Cost quotes and a full itinerary is available upon request as well as all information you may need on insurance and payment options. A small deposit of $300 will secure your place on the roster and airline reservations. This payment can be made by check or credit card and will allow one to pay the balance as they choose up until August 16, when full payment must be made. 

You will need to get on board early as spaces will be limited on this trip. You will also need to check your passport to be sure it is current or, if you do not have one, get one issued. This can be a lengthy process, so do it soon. I might add that if your current passport expires earlier than six months after our trip, you should have it renewed before the trip.

I personally can tell you that your life will never be the same after the experience of this trip and your view of scripture will expand beyond belief. We stand ready to help you with any questions you may have.