Tricee's Timeless Treasures

Providing Scrapbook Services for Others

Who am I?

Where did the name Tricee come from?

My friends started calling me Tricee in grade school and it just stuck.

When did I start scrapbooking?

I started scrapbooking in middle school by creating a memory book for my choir group.  I continued throughout high school by making a memory book of my high school experiences. 

 I started dating my future husband in 2002.  Since I have always kept mementos, I decided to create a book about "Our Life."  It has been an ongoing project ever since.  We also have a "Travel Book", a book about our "Grand Mediterranean Cruise", and he even has a "Career Book".  My husband loves to watch me scrapbook and even helps me pick out supplies. 

 I have given 3 scrapbooks as presents: one to my best-friend, one to my college friend, and one to my mother.  In 2010, I decided to start scrapbooking for others.  I have completed 2 books already: a wedding album and a "This is Your Life" book. 

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  • "Tricee has made two albums for me and I can only say I was blown away. By far the nicest I have ever seen ! I dont have the patience to do this and I was so excited to find some..."
    Super satisfied!!