Family Travel and Autism

It's Time for Everyone to Have Fun!

The Long Car Ride

The car ride can be excruciating.  So difficult that many families have forgone vacation in great fear of a ride over one hour.  Here are a few tips that may make the ride a little easier.  Check back frequently for more tips.

Not so anymore with the creation of new techie gadgets.  DVD players are portable and more affordable.  I recently one for sale for $69.00 with a complete car system that allowed it to strap to the back of the front seats.  This created easy viewing for those in the back.  I purchase mine in that great after Thanksgiving sale bonanza for only $25.00.  In fact, I purchased two for all my children.  One for my autistic child and another for his sibs. 

MP3 players are another lifesaver.  Small and holding multiple songs you can load them with whatever music your child desires -- or needs.  My behavior consultant would cringe if I tell you this but we loaded it with his favorite stymming music.  If you are in the car for four or more hours - load it up.  Anything to keep you sane!  MP3 players are coming down in price with the development of the IPod.  I can't afford a $200 IPod but I can certainly afford a $30 MP3 player

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