Family Travel and Autism

It's Time for Everyone to Have Fun!

Getting There

Getting there is half the battle.  Drive and how do you keep them occupied for nine hours?  Fly and deal with the noise and tantrums?  Train - well, how do you book a train?

The Long Car Ride

Hours and hours in a car with an autistic child can be frightening.  Even for the calmest individual.  Here is a page dedicated to helping you get there.  Check back frequently as tips are added.  Read On

Flying not Driving?

Are you flying instead of driving?  New regulations in the airline industry can make any plane trip a hassle.  One of the biggest recommendations if you are flying is to arrive early and pack a bag to keep your child occupied.  For help with your trip, here is the Transportation Security Administration web page for individual's with disabilities.

Check back for help on flying from those who have been there.

Taking the Train

Amtrak is an overlooked option for families.  If you are investing the time in a car ride but want less hassle, then consider the train.  Here is the page that will help orient you in services for those with disabilities. 

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