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   BLOGS     One of the features of the Wattage Forum's new home at Google Groups is a page that lists power-related blogs (Google membership required).


   TRAINING     Secret no more!  The CyclingPeaks Performance Manager™ is explained by its creator, Andrew Coggan, Ph.D., in the same PowerPoint™ presentation that was shown at the USA Cycling™ Coaches' Summit last October.  But don't worry, this is a free download (thank you, Andy!) – USAC won't send you a bill for $350!

In addition, these articles by Charles Howe, Hunter Allen, and Andy Coggan (there he is again!) also explain this new tool which manages training stress and predicts peak form.


   SEMINARS     Lots of events coming up this month and next, see the events page for more.


   NEWS     After 1,967 days of residence at Topica (6/28/01 - 11/16/06), a membership that reached 1,567 subscribers, and 44,749 messages filled with great information, lively (!) debate, and more than a few good laughs, the Wattage Forum – that venerated discussion group of all things related to powermeter use – has a new home at Google Groups!

Special thanks to Kwan Seng Low for getting it started (wonder if he had any inkling of the monster he had unleashed), as well as to Uhl Albert and Joe Gross for their initiative and follow-through on the transfer, which had been kicked around a few times and was long overdue.


   TRAINING     OK, so you're sold on training with power, but your application to the T-Mobile Team was turned down, and you can’t afford a coach.  The solution just might be a power-based training plan from CyclingPeaks.

Ranging from 8-14 weeks, these comprehensive programs can optimize off-season training, get you ready to race in the spring, raise your threshold power, and prepare you for specific events, such as time trials and centuries.  Far from taking the ‘cookie-cutter’ approach, each plan is based on your individual threshold power, which tailors the intensity of each ride specifically to you within a periodized, progressive framework where training stress is quantified by Training Stress Score.

For CompuTrainer users, files are available in .erg format, so you can simply upload the workout directly into your Computrainer Coaching Software and start riding!  The CT automatically adjusts the load throughout the entire workout . . . all you have to do is pedal!  Hey, wait a minute – that's the hard part!


   TRAINING     Power Profiling™ has been around for a while, but it gets an updated, graphical look here.


   TECH     Aerodynamic field testing is one of the geekier, more esoteric uses for a powermeter, and its resolution when conducted outdoors is limited, but it's still worth a try.  After a discussion at, Alex Simmons, with help from Andy Coggan, put together a spreadsheet to help interpret test results, while Andy's comparison of a Cervelo P2T to a Javelin Arcole can be found here.  Hmmm, what's this, the Alex & Andy Show?  Bravo!

In addition, Dr. Jim Martin explains here how to interpret field-test data gathered on the track for lean angle.