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Roncesvalles Carhouse is one of three current locations the TTC has for storing its streetcars (the others being Hillcrest on Bathurst Street and Connaught on Queen Street East.)  Roncevalles is the most western of the three located where the Queensway, King Street, Queen Street, and Roncesvalles Avenue intersect.

Roncesvalles taken from a streetcar running east off The Queensway onto Queen Street.

A view of three rows of CLRVs resting at Roncesvalles Carhouse.
A view from the north end of Roncesvalles Carhouse taken during Doors Open Toronto 2011.
A another view of the main barn at Roncesvalles carhouse.
And now a couple interior views of the barn at Roncesvalles Carhouse.  Roncesvalles was open on the last Saturday of May during the annual Doors Open event in Toronto, which allowed the public a chance to look around Roncesvalles.