titta inkinen

ars longa - vita brevis

Welcome to the world of my pictures.

I am a Finnish female visualist. With my pictures I wish to bring you some happy moments.
This picture is  my  watercolor painting "Lovers Forever" - belongs to the series of my "Log People".            

I hope you like these pictures on the few pages. Let me know what you think of them :-)
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Studying materials - SORRY! only in Finnish

My Helsinki University site,
only in Finnish language.
Sivustoni Helsingin yliopistossa. Vain suomeksi.

Great Art Sites

Bevchiron - an artist from UK. Her art touches, moves mountains, and makes cry and smile. Draws like Leonardo would have drawn if he had our technology :-)

Cassie LaReux
  aka Crrunchyfrog - an Australian artist who has skills to all techniques - as well as photos as watercolours and digital painting; and who can see deep into our souls.

Pascale Rodot
aka Tibet2004UK  - a French photo artist  living in UK nowadays.

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