Thyatian Campaign

Good, Old Fashioned, Swords & Sorcery

Welcome to the Thyatian Campaign, a Dungeons and Dragons campaign set in a continually evolving home brew world. 

Please follow the links to view pages of House Rules, Maps, PCs, and everything else that makes a game. 

My thanks to all the players I have had over the near 30 years of gaming:  Jeremy, Scott, Doug, Russel, Rich, Devin, John, Mike, Kevin, Terri, Chris, Jessica, Jon, Cedric, and Jimmy.  They have all added to my DMing ability (such as it is). 

Very special thanks to my current players: Javin, David, Cory, Sean and Josh.  They make DMing fun, and give me an outlet for my creativity, and don't cry (much) when I kill their PC. 

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