The Seven C's

Sailing adventures with our family....come and join us!

WELCOME to the website of the Seven C's! 

(Carol C, Cath C, Chris C, Ted C)

This site is designed for family and friends to stay in touch as we head out on our three month journey on the Great Lakes. Here you will find updated logs on where we've been, what we've done and, more importantly, plenty of pictures!

Here's a brief guide to what's on this site:

BOAT PICS -  You guessed it: Pics of the boat

BOAT SPECS - Details and info about the boat

ITINERARY - Brief description of where we are headed

GUEST BOOK - Place for viewers to sign in and chat. Leave questions here for the FAQ section. (Caution: everyone can see your posts!)

SHIPS LOG - Small paragraph descriptions on where we've been. Updated as best we can when we find internet service.

FAQ's - A list of frequently asked questions (with our response) we get from time to time. If you have a question, please list it in the Guest Book section and we'll get to it as fast as we can.

GUEST PICS - This is your section! Pictures of friends and family who've made it on the boat.

SUN PICS - Various pictures of sunsets and sun rises on our trips.

2006 PICS - Miscellaneous pictures from our first season on the boat.

WHAT'S NEW - Start here to find out what we added since your last visit.

PREP TIME - Couple pics of putting the boat in the water and getting her ready.

NOTE:  If you are not comfortable leaving a message in the Guest Book that everyone can see, you can send us an email to: that will remain private. Our policy is not to list anyone's last names on this site for security reasons. 

ENJOY THE SITE and the TRIP!!!    We know we will