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December 1st, 2008 Issue

Welcome to the 15th issue of The Orange Room Review. Enjoy.

***Dedicated to Dave Church***

Rachael and I were saddened to learn that Dave Church, a poet from Rhode Island, passed away on 11/27/08. We never had the privilege of meeting or corresponding with Dave, but admired his work in countless publications. This admiration led us to try to obtain his contact information via internet searches a couple years ago so we could invite him to submit. We were not successful and had hoped that he would find us somehow. One could not help being simultaneously in awe and envious of his honest (brutally at times) and precise style. He was able to look at himself and the world with such clarity - ignoring anything extraneous. We recommend his collection, Under the Influence. Clickhereto read his biography.

~ Corey Cook


The Floors are Cold this Winter Morn

Leaving Him There

old man in the gym shower

Husbands and Wives

Beach Vacation


Ms. McGee Hits the Heights

after working in