The Orange Room Review

Accessible poetry of substance

Dogs and Their Owners Begin Sounding Alike

by Scott Topping

Like the dog lying on the back porch couch—her couch—
over orange drool stains written on the cushions
like the dogs of history, testimony to
her preference of porch to all the way outdoors—I
too awaken to a wet hand beneath my mouth.
I too find myself barking at the barking, barely
lifting my head to shout in the general direction
of some unseen dog loose in the neighborhood.

SCOTT TOPPING lives and works in his hometown Dowagiac, Michigan. He co-edits Ugly Cousin, an online literary journal, maintains a site dedicated to the writer Ring Lardner, and submits his own writing when his wife likes what he’s written. He maintains regular office hours at the local watering hole, The Wounded Minnow.