The Orange Room Review

Accessible poetry of substance


by R. Jay Slais

Two long legged wasps 
dance in the air 
pushed by the wind 
near a warp in the siding,

whispering to the buzz

in a half deaf ear
in search of a place 
to paper away their sex.

The songbirds converse, 
a finch pair, 
their rose colored breasts sheen 
in the long low light

of evening. They are in love, 
with the placement 
of their nest crotched eggs 
neatly tucked behind

a veil of pine needles. 
The sun blinds 
sky blue eyes 
at the moment

just prior to its fall 
below the tree line, 
yet one can still hear 
the breeze, as if


speed reading, 
turn the pages 
of the poetry journal 
laying ignored

on the white plastic table 
surrounded by smashed

empty beer cans. 
The paper is as agitated

as season passed leaves 
that tremble in the wind; 
the blank pages yearn 
for love poems

that will never be written.

R. JAY SLAIS’ most recent or forthcoming publications include poems at Barnwood, Cause & Effect, Every Day Poets, MiPOesias, The Orange Room Review, and Neon. A single father raising his two children, he’s makes a living as an engineer/inventor in Metro Detroit Michigan. Visit his blog at