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It's a Dog's World

 May 7, 1999 - November 10, 2013

There will never be such a low maintenance roommate as Mya. Existing on pure love. She helped keep the litter box clean by sneaking snacks and created ponchos and skirts from fleece blankets by chewing holes in them.

This is a gorgeous girl. So Japenese. So Regal. Ruler over men. Perfect in her life and perfect at her death. Truly, man's best friend.

this webdestination was written of Mya's life, during her life:

I love you and I miss you, now please come home from work. They've had you long enough, it is my turn.

I eagerly await that first touch. Is that your vehicle? rolling up. I smell you. And you smell SO good. I will eat you up.

The door opens and you enter. I tremble and wag my entire back end, which resonates into the whole house. You are home.


I cant look away. I love you so much that I will wear my heart out. You are in every memory that I have ever had. Your smile and THOSE EYES! When your gaze lands on me, THE LIGHTS FLASH! And for an instant, I go blind with love. Then you move towards me. We all know what comes next. You reach out, cutting through the invisible universe that exists between us. And the healing love that emanates from your palms is received by my life of grace. I can never imagine my world with out your touch. shin to spine, hand to head, heart to heart.

I feel you when you are away. I prefer your immediate physical company but, when needed, I can remotely sense you. In my meditation, I am bathed with your love. It is so pure, it reaches me to my core. It is so real, it changes the world. All of the love that you have shared, all of your life, is the reason that I am. And when these days are gone and we have to move on, your light is still bound within me. Because

for all time, I am yours and

You are mine.


You can't buy Dog's blessings. No dollar for my expanding love.


 No matter what. End of story. My love is yours forever, freely and with every inch of the known universe.

No matter what has been done, no matter what, or what is to come

you and me, baby,

we are one.


Ok, so each time that slicker brush strokes my furred flesh, the center of every secret is revealed and my soul leaves this wretched shell and the sweet belief that you are my all, is as clear as a crystal bell. O'SWEET MOTHER OF GOD you continue long, methodical brush strokes down my eager back, stopping briefly now and then, to remove the fluff from the brush's wiry bristles. Then you stroke my neck and each pass absolves me from all my sins, equivalent to 20 Hail Marys and a lifetime of acts of contrition. Gently taking my forearm, you brush my belly and then separating out of the soul, you let go.

Please dont stop. Please dont drop that instrument of pleasure from your sweet and loving hands. If you must stop, I will just wait, in the moments between forever, until we touch again.


What's for dinner?


The sound of the master's voice: I live for the sound of your voice. The deep calm that drops out of that luscious hole in your face. Even if you just sigh, I melt. I am whatever you need me to be.

In case I haven't impressed upon you just HOW much I love you, maybe I will go over that in detail from your lap. I will try my best to control my kisses, but Oh it's been too long.

I dreamt of our embrace. It was so real. I ran to you and you towards me, we met in a crash. In each other's arms, I could feel your breath, flesh to flesh, and we had a thousand lifetimes to make up for. I couldn't let go, and you chose not to let go of me. We just remained, for all time, my head on your chest, my ear against your beating heart, clutching in embrace. God, I need to get back to that dream. For now I am awake and you have driven off, maybe to return, smelling of another world.


where you go, I go. what you see, I see. worlds collide and darkness subsides, safe in your loving arms.

or at least let me lean up against you. You have my number, you know which button to press to take me into orbit. I let you rule me. I call you sir, You call me yours, I know I could never be without your security, put your hand on my head, bless me with your love.

I love the night. In the day, you're away but at night you are by my side. You'll never walk alone if you take me along. Dont leave me home.

Thank you for the fresh water. No mortal was meant to know such love as I have for you, my dear human friend. I raise my bowl to you. And I take a sip of your lips. And I slip you my tongue.

bad girl. SO what.

let's have some fun


I am moving fast, you say wait, and I pull back, but I need to go on ahead.

You say wait, so I wait.

But Oh, I need to go

All that waits up there, up passed the past and beyond this view, I must know.


You said the truth is here with you, but in my heart, we wander far from here, together, to gather only love.


You come and you go and I howl in your absence and inside my head that howl echos against a fever so hot that I melt to the carpet.


And here I wait, as I have been told to.


We can never run outta time.

I can wait.


I can wait until you take me to where I beg to be

take me all the way



It is called the waiting game.


It is the only game I know.


I wait for you to get up and take me out.

I wait for you to put kibble in my dish.

I wait for you to eat.


I wait for you to notice that I am watching you.


I wait for you to touch me


When you shower, I wait at the water's edge.

When you get out of the shower, I help you dry off.

with my tongue


When you leave, in a hurried rush, sometimes saying bye halfway down the drive,

I await your return.


And I wait.


it is called the waiting game

and I am very good at it.


I have waited my whole life and will wait a million more lifetimes to exist in the moments when we are together.


I will love you until then end of time, and I will wait here curled up on your dirty laundry for you to return.

God bring you safely home, to me


Check out all the pages of Mya's dog's life.

FOR THE LOST DOG, There are many places to go to renew your faith.

Okay for sure there are TWO places left in the world full of hope. And is defintely one of them. There are all these pets out there that DO NOT HAVE A HOME. I know this sounds like the plot of a really scary horror flick, but I am not joking. Pets without people. They need you. I think we may have room in our home for a rescue friend. We have a HUGE yard and truckloads of love.

I love my dog life.

That love attracts more love.

It is an upwelling of and endless flow of love deep from the center of my dogness.

I am grateful for this dog life.

I know there are dogs out there that do not have a warm meal, warm lap, and a boy to call their own,        and for them I feel love.       

 I am not allowed to feel anything else, I am not allowed an opinion, I am not allowed to judge, I am a dog.  

No matter what,          I feel love.

Some dogs live in fear and pain. I will convince myPeople to adopt them all. And love them and heal them so they will heel.

 and I'm a chatty dog.


Of course if you want a good cry and you have not bought the book Sorry Everybody, go to the web place that reminds us there are all kinds of critters on this planet that oppose war for profit, and oppression, and dry water bowls. I love all the pet photos. Duh.

So you think the world has gone crazy. Tired of the lip synch society? please visit   Maybe I am just a ( girl ) dog, and I really can not use a mouse (thank goodness for the arrow keys) but I was able to upload a message onto  with my picture and I am SOOOOOO proud to be part of such an amazing site. Please enjoy looking for me and other familiar faces from around the world.  And now SorryEverybody is Hello Everybody and they are looking for new faces like you.

Note to the readers: sorry everybody was replaced with HELLO EVERYBODY. Same link, new sentiment. What a great idea. Go there now and say HELLO.


Now that I think about it there is yet ANOTHER place in this world that makes like a fuzzy kitten, Gramma Kathy's house.     I love the 20 hour drive up I-75 on myPeoples laps. We stop for gas and snacks. And smells unlike any other. When we finally get off the exit ramp to Grammy's I smell "Holy Toledo" and I know I am home. We would throw bar-b-q's at the lake and eat and swim and chase balls and stuff. Sometime we ride out in the boat. They just got quilted with snow. I didn't see snow this year, yet.

I always go home exhausted and covered in Miles saliva. MmmmmMmmmGood times.

This past christmas eve (I have no concept of time, a tree was killed and brought inside and all lit up and there were more fattening than usual food dropped on the floor) Our Miles passed on to doggy heaven. He is with us in our hearts. Forever.  

I still smell a him. (he greeted me this evening, at the rainbow bridge)~11/10/13

 Okay I like that dog bakery , too. That Kassidy is always SOOOOOOO helpful, and she can really style a dog with an odd figure like me. Its always a good time .  Except when DOGS bring their people in WITHOUT a LEASH. Can you imagine, people just running and jumping, its crazy.

I'm embarassed for them. 

The Dudley's Dog Bakery used to have fabulously choreographed Fashion Shows.

I was honored to model for them on more than one occasion. I love the lights and the applause.

I aM a doG. I LOVE LOVE!!!!

in the beginning..........

god made dog....................and it was good.

I am mya. I was born on May 7th, 1999, possibly in the afternoon, although at the time, I had no concept  0f time ,I'm going by what I've overheard.

I was the 2nd smallest of a litter of more than 7. My little sister Xena was the smallest. She was a shiny solid black pup. We stayed in touch after the litter split up. Last year (no concept of time) she got the heartworm. That is probably the worst thing that could happen to a creature. It is yucky. And preventable. Helloooo Heartguard.

 I have also heard that most of the rest of the litter has also gone, some by car injuries, others not so pretty. Some speculate I may be the last of that batch. My mother was a pug and a whore. We may never know the sperm donor. Mom was found pregnant and  roaming the streets of Dover Florida one spring by Crazy Betty. CB took her in and attempted to find mom's original, neglectful owner. To no avail. Crazy Betty then treated mom like one of her own, then the litter was born. 

I was promised to some teenaged boy in the neighborhood. Xena was going to MyAngel and her family, Big Joe, Joey, Klayton and the most beautiful little red head girl on the planet Marilu. They had a cat, too. It smelled funny.

MyAngel had a friend, and when she heard of me : the wheels were a spinnin'. MyTrick would not think of having a dog,  but this did not stop her from planning my arrival into their family.

After offering CrazyBetty a cheesecake  in trade and promising that I would be well fed with Newman's Own Organic Dog Food,well cared for with regular vet visits and well traveled, they brought me home on fathers day as a present for MyTrick from his Son, MyJFK.

Who could resist a sweet puppy for fathers day? And to think I almost went to some teen boy in the neighborhood.

I was potty trained in a couple of days and I am proud to say I have never messed in the house.

If I am rambling on it's because I'M A DOG!!!!!!!!!!

the following art work by MyJFK





hot geeks

How wonderful to use your hands to create life and nurture those growing things around you. How hot that you can draw life from the very dirt that I pee on. As if with magic, you command the green growing friends to give up flower and leaf. I love your green thumb, and forefinger and middle finger and ring finger, and your pinky finger. Let me be the first to congratulate you. You have my full attention. Standing in the yard, it is all ours. Look to the left, look to the right, I am going to mosey back inside and take a nap.

There is nothing cooler than a guy with brains. Except maybe a guy that can translate his brilliant brains through his hands. Michio Kaku has a sexy brain.  If you'd like to link to Michio Kaku, sexiest theoretical physicist on the airwaves please link here:    

Hot geek alert    I LOOOOVE Andreas Viestad, he is the most enlightening cook EVER!

I love because it brings me closer to Andreas Viestad. I do believe that all of this universe was Created at this moment in time so that I may love Andreas Viestad. I love the way his name rolls off my black and pink tongue. I love it when he dips his glass in a nearby stream(my mouth is watering) to drink. I love the game and fowl he finds. I love cloudberries. I feel I am a more educated dog because of what I have learned watching him. I love his family home in S.Norway. I want to run across the land with him chasing me as he waves a roast of something wild and retire later with some fresh berries that he picks just for me. I have a more active fantasy life because of Andreas Viestad. Tomorrow while I lounge on the beach in sunny S.W. Florida I will imagine that he has just baked some amazing doggie treats with some gamey meat. JUST FOR ME.

 Smart is so attractive, it is so intriguing, it is SO the only way to go. I am interested in surrounding myself with smart people, they will stimulate me and keep me on my toes. 

I am not interested in becoming part of the furniture, I want to think(and dance) and be challenged.

Smart is so provocative. SO very sexy. I do believe the brain is my favorite sex organ. 

Dear Geeks, thank you for making this world a better place for a mutt like me.

 I thought I heard that some civil servants in the great republic of New Hampshire still make $100 a year like when the state's constitution was ratified. Cool. A dog's dream. To live free. Or die. If anybody knows the web site address to the , pass it on , I think they are up to  13,880 members. I'm sure it's a plot.

I'm a travelin' dog,....................made a lot of stops

I have puddled in at least seven states.

Oh the places you'll go.....

I love to visit the Dog Bakery .  I have never seen such an amazing selecton of beautiful treats. Truly works of ART. And they ship. They have the best selection of outfits for a fashionable mutt. And the accessories. OH MY!!!!

The bank is cool. They know me and give the driver treats. She gives them to me because it is not safe for the driver to eat and drive.

I love sushi . My favorite roll is the BayRidge roll. I like the new guy, he's nice  and fast.

I love all the websites I visit that have news worthy of a curious dog

like       Go Amy G. She's hot.



        accuracy in media... neat idea

      hmmm didn't know THAT

              www.stpeteforpeace.og       been there, love Amy K

        haven't been there lately.lets go together





While I'm surfing the net.....

     While I'm surfing the net I like to listen to WMNF 88.5 radio active. All day all night. I love the alternative radio when I am checking my e-mail or editing this web site. I just link onto and hit "listen". Then it asks me which player I would like to listen through, I respond and bingo.....connection to people that think and live like me. Cool.

On 10am  is Fresh Air wth Terry Gross interviews musicians, writers, thinkers and newsmakers, then at 11 its COUNTERSPIN where media watchgroup FAIR examines what's in the news and what's not in the news and what the political spin doctors are really saying.

Weekdays at NOON is DemocracyNow! Some kick ass talk from Amy Goodman and her crew. Love it. that is followed by a live local talk/call in hour. Sometimes that Rob Guy gets on my nerves.

Every Night at 11(except sat) is th 11th Hour. Nice stuff for late night company.Love your brother.

Tuesdays I cannot wait to hear the weekly installment of our Favorite Theoretical Physicist Michio Kaku at 11 am.

On Wednesdays at 11 am ............Zen Journies with Alan Watts............the radio plays through YOU

On thursdays at 11 am..Challenging talks from cutting edge thinkers...........oooooooh so serious. 

I stay busy on Fridays at 11am, because I cannot tolerate Joellen's nasal interuptive manner. Honestly , no matter what guest is on, at any given moment, Joellen interupts because she has been there, done that and would like to read a little something from her journal/book/or a napkin with some sappy crap that she is convinced people are interested in. Who did she **** to get that slot?

Fridays at 1pm is .Critical Times with Mabili Ajani. Revolutionary.

In between is a most eclectic mix of music from the past, present and future from all around the globe, even Polka on Sundays at 2pm. If you go to their website you could get a more detailed look at the lineup. I am just a girl(dog) that loves this station.


I guess I like  Al Franken could almost qualify as a HOT GEEK.

Have you been to New Tribal Ventures?

I was checking out when DANIEL QUINN's next book would be available and I stumbled on to the New Tribal Ventures.    So of course I thought you may want to go there too.  Hey, Daniel Quinn's book The Holy got some prestigious award. Almost as good is the Turner Award he got for Ishmael. If you haven't read either, please, please please, heck just read anything from DANIEL QUINN. I had to have someone explain After Dachau, seriously, 'cause I'm a dog some stuff is hard to decipher. But read it and look up the references . cool

That I can confirm, there are at least 2 movies inspired from Daniel Quinns books. One is's that one with Cuba Gooding Jr. and Anthony Hopkins, you Yeah that's it. Rent it tonight. Also there was this cool short called The Great Lie. nice.

The following S ponser thingy was not my idea.

10/04...count my vote

spoilage smoilage


I need plenty of illusion.

AWAKE is the new sleep.

Awake is also the "Best of" album from the band LIVE.  I must have half a dozen stories,funny stories, that involve the band LIVE. Ha ha.


10 2008

please keep the election straight

There is a real possibility



I love unconditionally, I'm a dog


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