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Hello. Welcome to my trading card page. I collect sets from baseball and players from baseball.  I have listed links below for various set needs as well as player lists. Please email me if you have anything I need or if you are interested in anything from  my tradelist page.
This is a trading page! Please dont offer to sell me anything.

My Collecting Interests

I am a huge Diamondback fan and an even bigger Matt Williams fan. I am looking for any Matt item I don't have.

I am also looking for Don Drysdale items I need for my collection. He was my second cousin.

I also collect the following players: Rickie Weeks (Brewers),  Mike Leake (Reds), Justin Masterson (Indians) and Lou Brissie
I have decided to dedicate an Al Kaline collection to my Dad as this was his favorite player!!!! 
Please check out my links below for these guys.