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  Welcome, I am The Hero Maker "AKA" Clayton D. Murwin
and this is my Art Site! Have a look around!
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         contact: cmerwin6@gmail.com

  • Being a Freelance Artist is not easy
  • I have been Freelancing since 1998, and I pride myself in providing you the customer with high-quality  personal service for commissioned pieces and or contract work for your company or business . I conveniently work from my home and do most of my business over the internet and by mail. But if the right Job were to be offered I could work for you on a full-time regular basis.


  • My services include Graphic Art, Logo work & Comic Book related work:
  • Traditional Hand Drawn Art and Digital Art Media
  • Photo-Retouching 
  • Pencils
  • Inks
  • Coloring
  • Covers
  • Pin-ups
  • Splash pages
  • Sequintial Pages
  • Logo Design
  • Concept & Character Design

How To Hire Me:

I am a freelance artist/graphic designer with over 25 years experience 
in the art field,who is able to illustrate your project/projects through 
several different medium types. Digital, traditional, and mixed media.. 
I encourage people who commission me to become involved in the
creation process so that your idea is realized through a combined 
effort. I have been often contacted by individuals who have an idea 
they want illustrated, however they have no funds/budget.  I do not 
work for free unless it is under very special circumstances, such
as certain charitable organizations I have been affiliated with or deem 
worthy to work with under special circumstances, sorry that is just how it is. 

1) First initial contact:
You may contact me via email, or private message. In your subject 
line please put "Commission" so I can identify it quickly. In your email 
body please tell me your idea, what you want illustrated. 
The general idea of it. 
Please include any material relevant to the illustration job, ie.,
photo attachments, image size, what it is for, and as much descriptive
dialog as possible.

2) My initial response:
 I will let you know that I have reviewed your request, and I will be able to
give you an estimated time of completion. I may also ask for some more 
information based on how well the job was explained. I will also let you know 
the cost of the project, and my mailing information for payment.

3) Payment
If you decide at this time to hire me for the commission,
I expect half of the agreed upon amount to be mailed out to me in a
"Postal Money Order" I will begin working on the initial sketch once 
I have received the initial payment. The initial payment is non-refundable.

4) Concept Sketches
This is the sketch stage. This is where I will do a series of 2 sketches 
minimum/4 sketches maximum in order to get the idea down on paper to 
give you the visuals. I will submit the sketches to you via email for review. 
This is the stage where you give me direction. Sometimes I can get the idea
in the first sketch, however, there are times when it may take two or four 
sketches for the idea to be realized properly. Any changes to the work 
requested after the sketch phase which was agreed upon will be an 
additional $25 an hour

5) Finished product
Once the sketch has been approved I will finish the illustration in the 
style, medium that you have chosen. Please know that even though 
I work fast, a full painting will take much longer than a black and white 
line drawing. Once the project is finished, I will email you with a low resolution
(jpeg,png,or pdf) copy of the image with my watermark on it for review.

6) Completed Work
Once you have viewed the finished image, and are satisfied with the 
completed work, let me know that you are sending the final payment
via "Postal Money Order". Once the payment has been received I will
then send you the high resolution file of the illustration with my watermark
removed. If your project required the "traditional" touch,  is much the 
same as above except for the shipping of the physical piece of art.  
Postage costs will be factored in to the cost of shipping the original art/painting. 

This process is for the private commissions.  Contact by any professional
organizations and/or publications take precedence.  A "Work for Hire" 
contract will be required by all parties when I am working with any 
professional organizations.

Contact me through this site, or email me at:  cmerwin6@gmail.com

Because I am a freelance artist I work on a great many projects with a 
varying variety of subject matter.  I am not managed by any company, 
firm, or entity.  I may partner with people from time to time on a project,
 however this does not mean that I am exclusive to that project, person, 
firm, or entity.  I remain a freelance entity until otherwise stated by myself 
in writing on my website.  

I retain the right to work with any person, firm, or entity who has the ability 
to pay for my artistic services. I retain the image rights to all art work produced 
by me, unless specifically stated otherwise 
in any contract agreement agreed upon by me and other parties included
in said contract. I also reserve the right to display on my website or any 
other form of media/social media/shows/venues etc... any Art/Logo I have
 created for clients for my resume/portfolio purposes.