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The Nobodies

The Nobodies are creatures with no hearts. When a Heartless is created by someone with strong with will power a Nobody is created by there bodie and soul. They are "born" in Twilight Town. They include:

A "Dusk" Nobody.Dusk 

Twilight Thorn



File:Samurai.PNG Samurai









Organization XIII

A group of thirteen Nobodies seeking hearts.








I. Xemnas


Orginal Name: Ansem (Xehnort)

II. Xigbar

Orginal Name: Braig

Xigbar is known as the Freeshooter in the organization. He is also one of the elders in the organization. He uses two blasters that shoots gun arrows as weapons, during the fight agaisnt him he changes the battlefield, to teleport himself and his bullets, and to levitate upside down. You fight him at The World That Never Was.


III. Xaldin

Orginal Name: Dilan

Xaldin is known as the Whirlwind Lancer in the organization. He uses the power of wind along with six lances that can transform into a dragon that shoots a huge blast of wind. You fight in Beast's Castle the second time.

IV. Vexen

Orginal Name: Even

Vexen is known as the Chilly Academic in the organization. He is also one of the elders and is one of the underground members at Castle Oblivion. He has the power of ice and his weapon is a large shield. he also created Riku Replica. You fight him in Castle Oblivion. 

V. Lexaeus

Orginal Name: Aeleus

Lexaeus is known as the Silent Hero in the organization. He has the power of earth and he wields a large tomahawk for a weapon. He is one of the underground members in Castle Oblivion. You can fight him in Castle Oblivion. 

VI. Zexion

Orginal Name: Ienzo

Zexion is known as the Cloaked Schemer in the organization. His power is using illusions to mimic others' weapons, disguise himself as others and create duplicates of himself. He is one of the underground members at Castle Oblivion. You can fight him at Castle Oblivion.   

VII. Sa´x

Orginal Name: Unknown

Sa´x is known as the Luna Diviner in the organization. Sa´x appears many times before you battle him, he attacked Maleficent with nobodies and then was attacked by Riku. You fight him in the world that never was and he has a big weapon that can get bigger.

VIII. Axel

Orginal Name: Lea

Axel is known as the Flurry of Dancing Flames in the organization. He is best friends with Roxas and he is the kind of person who likes to do things his way. In Castle Oblivion he was one of the above ground members, and he was the only organization member who did not get killed by either Sora or Riku in Castle Oblivion. On the path way to The World That Never Was (Betwix and Between) he fought of nobodies with Sora until he used a move that caused him to fade away to get ride of the nobodies.

IX. Demyx

Orginal Name: Unknown

Demyx is known as the Melodious Nocturne in the organization. He first is seen in Olympus when he tried to steal the Olympus Stone. You fight him at Hollow Bastion, he uses the power of water and he does a move where he makes water copies of himself.   

X. Luxord

Orginal Name: Unknown

Luxord is known as the Gambler of Fate in the organization. He first appears at Port Royal where he takes some cursed Aztec Gold. You fight him in The World That Never Was. When fighting him he uses cards to trap Sora by himself, he also turns Sora into a card or a dice, and he uses his cards to hide himself as well as protection.

XI. Marluxia

Orginal Name: Unknown

Marluxia is known as the Graceful Assassin in the organization. He and Larxene try to overthrow the organization by using NaminÚ to mess with Sora's memories. During his plan Axel goes against him and tries to kill him, but he tricks Sora into fighting Axel and escapes. When Sora is done with Axel he goes after Marluxia, the fisrt time he faces him he realizes that he has been fighting a fake. He enters a door into a dark relm and finds Marluxia in contraption. When Marluxia is killed Sora leaves the relm and seqals the door. Marluxia is the final boss for Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories.

XII. Larxene

Orginal Name: Unknown

Larxene is known as the Savage Nymph in the organization. She and Marluxia try to overthrow the organization. She uses thunder as her power and she weilds knives that she holds between her fingers. After angering Sora, Donald and Goofy come and together they destroy her. You can fight her in Castle Oblivion.  

XIII. Roxas

Orginal Name: Sora

Roxas is known as the the Key of Destiny in the organization. He is the nobody of Sora; when he was created after Sora turned into a heartless in Hollow Bastion the organization tracked him down because like Sora he can weild the keyblade, he can wield two because he absorbs Xion so he is able to use her keyblade as well as his at the same time. Since Sora wasn't a heartless for that long he didn't have any of his memories, he also didn't know why he had the keyblade so he left to find anwsers. Riku, to help Sora regain his memories and awaken, confronts Roxas in the World that Never Was. The two battle, and Riku is forced to use the power of darkness to defeat Roxas. Riku takes him to DiZ who puts Roxas in a virtual Twilight Town created within Sora's memories without any memory of the Organization. He lives a normal life in the virtual world until Axel comes to try and free him. Axel doesn't succed and Roxas merges with Sora. Roxas reappears in the end of the game with NaminÚ.

XIV. Xion

Orginal Name: No. i

Xion is the fourteenth member of the organization. She is not an actual nobody, she is a doll created by Xemnas from Sora's memories. She was created as a backup incase Sora ended up being useless to the organization.