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The main character and keyblade master. The keyblade warrior Ventus rests within him, this allows him to use two keyblades. His best friends are Donald Duck, Goofy, Riku, and Kairi. Sora travels to many worlds with his friends and together they battle Xehanort, the heartless, nobodies, and dream eaters. When he becomes a heartless his nobody Roxas is created. He is a strong fighter, and confident. His new clothes from Kingdom Hearts II allow him to change onto different forms making him more powerful.

Valor Form      Wisdom Form.jpgWisdom Form

Final Form  Master Form

 Anti Form          Limit Form

                            Pride Lands Form                                                                                              Atlantica Form                       


               Halloween Town Form (KHI & KHII)                                     Space Paranoids Form


    Halloween Town Form (KHII Final Mix)                       Timeless River Form

Sora's forms in Halloween Town: Normal, Valor, Wisdom, Master, Final, Anti


Sora's Shadow Form

Sora's Heartless Form





Riku is a boy who grow up on Destiny Island with Sora. When he was young he met the keyblade warrior Terra who performed the keyblade ceramony on him allowing him to use the keyblade. He opens his heart to darkness, then trys to stop using it. In Castle Oblivion he learns that there is a light with in that never goes out. He fights with a keyblade called Way to Dawn and has king Mickey and darkness as his ally.  


The reason Kairi can use the keyblade is because when she was younger she met Aqua and was touched by Aqua's keyblade completeing the keyblade inheritance ceremony.



Donald is a wizard who lives at Disney castle with the king. When the king went missing he and Goofy went to look for him, but they found Sora instead. With the help of Sora they found the king, and he and Goofy now help Sora



Goofy is one of King Mickey's knights in Disney Castle. He was sent with Donald to find the king when he disappered. He and Donald ran into A boy named Sora who became the key blade master, now he and Donald helps out Sora.  


 Xehanort as Ansem's apprentice

Heatless Form

Nobody Form

Master Xehanort

 Master Xehanort as Terra



 Vanitas with no mask

Vanitas is the embodiment of the darkness in Ventus's heart. When Ventus was apprentice for Master Xehanort he was fighting neoshadows and fell unconcious. Master Xehanort then created Vantias and used him as his apperntice


King Mickey

King Mickey is the king of Disney Castle, he is also a keyblade warrior. In Kingdom Hearts II he gives you your Master Form, and if you die during a boss battle you may get to play as Mickey and give Sora health to fight again. (You cannot be Mickey during the final fights or during the fight with Sephiroth) 



DIZ is really Ansem the Wise in disguise, in Chain of Memories he helps Riku and Sora get through Castle Oblivion. In Kingdom Hearts II he builds a machine that he uses to stop Xemnas from opening Kingdom Hearts. The machine does not work and it blows up sending him to the realm of darkness. He lost memories except those concerning Sora.


Cloud Strife

Cloud Strife artwork by Tetsuya Nomura

In Kingdom Hearts(1) Cloud worked with Hades, agreeing to destroy Hercules. In return Cloud wanted full restoration to his heart. After finding battling Sora he found out Hades could not do that thus he was defeated by Cerberus. After the warriors defeated Cerberus, Cloud gave Sora the Strike Raid ability, and set off on his own. He entered other tournments throughout the game.



Sephiroth artwork by Tetsuya Nomura   

Sephiroth is very calm yet powerful and very hard to defeat. In Kingdom Hearts I all you do is fight him, to fight him you must go to Olympus Coliseum and choose the platinum match. In Kingdom Hearts II to fight him you must go to the Dark Depths of Radiant Garden, and when you win you receive the Fenrir keyblade. In Kingdom Hearts II he is hunting Cloud, but Cloud defeats him in Kingdom Hearts Final Mix. In Kingdom Hearts Final Mix when you beat Sephiroth you receive a Ansem report and the One-Winged Angel keyblade. When Sephiroth was created he was named one of the smartest soldiers.       






Wakka is a boy from Destiny Island. He is the oldest out of the group on Destiny Island and he takes care of his firends.



A young boy from Destiny Island with lots of energy. He is very confident in himself and he thinks he is a champ at everything. 



Selphie is a perky girl from Destiny Island. She is assertive and has a romantic side.



He is a gifted pilot that saved leon and the others from the hearless when they were just children He Know lives in Traverse Town working at a store.


Yuna, Rikku, Paine

These are the three faries that worked as a spy for Malfiecent. They later give you the Gullwing keyblade.  

Seven Princesses of Heart

In Kingdom Hearts I, Xehanort and Maleficent were collecting the Seven Princesses of Heart:






Snow White


They are needed to open the final keyhole in Hollow Bastion.

Party Members

These characters can replace Donald and Goofy during the game depending what world you are in. (Riku can also chage with Donald and Goofy in The World That Never Was)




Jack Skellington


Image:Jacksparrow0.jpg Jack Sparrow




Auron is from Kingdom Hearts II in Olympus Coliseum, he is hired by Hades to destroy Hercules. Hades is controling Auron so he has no choice, Sora later frees him and together they battle Heartless in the Underworld.