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     Women of the time considered make up and cosmetics nothing more than "face paints". The thought of make up made some women cringe. Cosmetics were reserved for the women who perferred the night life of bars and saloons, meaning the prostitutes. So if a normal woman wore make up, she was taking the risk of being catagorized with the "ladies of the evening".

     But if attending a ball or wedding, a woman would wear some make up. They had the rouge, which is like the liquid foundation of today and used powder to even out the tone of skin and as deodorant. Pale complexions were the fashion, as were pale lips. Being pale was considered pretty because it meant that you were not out in  the sun working all day, that you spent your leisure time in doors.

    They would apply rouge on the cheek bones and at the corner of each eye, then cover with powder. To achieve the pale lips, they would dap just a dot of rouge in the middle of their lips.   

Bathing and Hygiene

                               It was a considerable task to just get a bath in a tub. Women had to haul the water,  heat the water, get the bath while it was still hot, then haul it away, and  finally dump it. So by the time that they were done with the bath, they were all hot and sweaty again. But don't think that they didn't bathe. They always had basins and pitures to wash off with. They got a "real" bath  every Saturday night. On Sundays, people wore the best that they owned to church. So, to keep from natural oils on the skin getting on the faberic, they washed up really good the night before.                               

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