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The Civil War Lady



I find the Era of The War Between The States simply fasinating. It was a period of charm and simple elegance that could not be complete without a hoop skirt. The purpose of this site is so that you may find the accurate information that you are searching for. I used to be re-enactor for about seven years(Civil War, of course) and I am from Georgia. I take pride in my heritage of my ancestors who gave so selflessly in the 15th Alabama , Company H and the 18th Alabama, Company C. I do all I can to honor them, and their fellow and fallen Confederates. Please feel free to contact me at southern_belle_1865@yahoo.com  with questions or comments, but no rude remarks or spam please!  

     The War Between The States was not, I repeat, NOT about slavery, indeed this is only my opinion. I base my opinions on the ways of life that suited my ancestors, which did not own any slaves.(Only less that 5% of the citizens of the CSA did!!!)  It was about sucession and States Rights. Don't let anyone tell you other wise. The Confederate flag was not, has not, and will never be a symbol of racism, hate, or slavery. It is the flag that thousands of men, of all different races, fought and died under, and is it not for the NAACP to attack.   

     You can now view parts of my wardrobe from the War Between The States era at the Nash Farm Battlefield and Museum located in Henry Co, Georgia. 

Please take the time to visit my reenacting units new website, www.27ga.org

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Did you know?

     The reason why doorways in plantations that were owned by weathly families were wider than those by average citizens because of the width of women's hoop skirts. The hoops were made of whale bone and they could break or crack them by trying to bend them.  

    If a man saw a ladies ankle, he had to ask her father for the ladies hand in marriage, wether he wanted to marry the girl or not. The decision was left to the girls father.  

     At the age of 14, you were finished with regular schooling. You could now become a teacher.

"Candlelight and Roses" by Mort Kunstler

 Social gatherings, such as dances, quickly becamed named "Balls" because everyone would always say they "had a ball", just like we say "we had a blast" or "we had fun".

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