The Cane Carver

Hand Carved Canes, Sculptures, Paintings, and Crafts

Hello Everyone,

I would like to take this time to thank you for taking the time to view my web-site

How it all started.

In 1997 I was beginning to suffer with pain in my lower back,it had got to a point where the only way for me to get around was to use a cane.Unfortuneatly I have since been diagnosed with degenrative disc and bone desease in my lower lumber, and will use a cane the rest of my life.
Being finacially strapped at the time I decided to carve my own cane,so I decided to find a naturally grown stick in the shape of a cane and see what would come of it.I found the stick I wanted, and with a exacto knife I started carving. Three months later and with plenty of scarrs I finished my very first cane.I was delighted with the results,I had carved a beautiful snake cane.

I had no intentions of becoming a cane carver until I started getting out in the community where others were able to see my cane,people started flocking around me. They were asking me where i had bought my cane? ,and where they could get someone to carve a cane for them?. Well the rest is pretty much history.

Here at my web-site you will see some of my creations, all which have been sold to happy buyer's. I do not stock pile my creations, so if you want a cane carved for yourself or as a gift you will need to come up with a idea of what you would like carved and get in contact with me. I would be more than happy to create a cane that fits your personality.


Once again thank you for stopping by.