The Ultimate Daisy Page

To make it easier for regular visitors I've decided to let you know the latest new updates.

31 july 2011: Added more airlines doll to the page with souvenir dolls.

20 july 2011: Added a page about special edition, souvenir and airlines dolls

3 july 2011: Introducing the first video of Daisy. She's driving her scooter!!!!!!!

18 may 2011: more updates at the later flair fashions, unidentified outfits and optimum range. Also updated Ballerina fashions.

15 may 2011: It's been quite a while back, but finally have been updating the 'later flair fashions' website. Update was made possible as I found a lovely trade ad at Katarinaa's website.

3 september 2010: added about me page

13 august 2010: uploaded more Havoc stories. (finally got the scans all saved to the pc)

17 july 2010: started working on the page Havoc, the stories. Still a work in progress, need to copy most of the cards and scan the copies to be able to upload them.

16 july 2010: Finally a new update!!!! (drumroll!!!) Today I have been working on a page about Havoc, also 9 inch and released by model toys.

13 april 2008: All of this week I've been taking pictures and now I have almost finished updating the pictures from 'my fashion diary fashions'. Also a few new pictures at 'reporter fashions'. I've also updated pictures on 'exciting life as a reporter'. Added a couple of pictures to the variants section.

7 april 2008: I've been taking more pictures with my new 'toy' , a softbox nylon phototent, which enables me to take pretty pictures withouth shadows. I've uploaded some of them at 'my fashion dairy fashions'. It will take a while to update all the pictures, but I'll keep working on it.

5 april 2008: It's been quite a while ago that I've been working on this site. Today I have made a start with the Variants page. Hope to continue very soon. I have lots of new additions to my collection and I would love to update all the pages!

3 june 2007: A kind visitor of this site supplied me with some extra info on the Paper Dolls. Thanks!
After some better reading in the Daisy booklets I decided that Daisy with the yellow satin bike outfit & her bike was the 'normal' Daisy doll type and not the Dashing Daisy type, as I had always thought. (I finally managed to complete my outfit, (BIG thank you to Helene) and when I put it on a Dashing Daisy I found it was quite a tight fit for her, it realy looks better on a normal one, so that's why I started mye 'research'.) I have changed it in the description of 'my exciting life as a reporter' fashions and 'I'm having fun as a travel courier' fashions.

30 may 2007: Added the page on Sticker Books.

29 may 2007: Started with the page on Paper Dolls.

17 may 2007: Added the page Flair or Optimum?

8 may 2007: Added a picture of Stardust & a picture of fancy free to the Ballerina Fashion page.
Changed description for Daisy & Spot.
Upgraded the booklet style picture of Bye Bye Baby & Baker Boy in 'my exciting life as a reporter'.
Upgraded the booklet style picture of Folderols & Legs Eleven in 'All about my giftshop'. (thanks, Frankie)

7 may 2007: Finally managed to make a start with the later Flair fashions page. (I had to do it 3 times over, as my silly pc seems to have a will of it's own !!!!)

6 may 2007: My Glamorous Life as a Ballerina page added.
                    Ballerina Fashions page added.
                    Bubbles & Sqeak page added.
Also added a few pages that I'm planning to work on.