The Ultimate Daisy Page

With the lack of any other booklets on Daisy's fashions it's quite hard to decide wether a loose fashion is Daisy's or not.
Also you have to decide if it will be an outfit produced by Flair or if it's an outfit from the Optimum Range.
As far as I have been able to find out, the outfits produced by Flair were still the ones with the metal poppers and the outfits that close with velcro were produced by Optimum.
The outfits below all close with velcro, so are most presumably Optimum outfits.

pink v-dress:

red dress with striped pockets:

striped dress with ruffle neck:

striped v-neck:

red v-neck:

green 2-piece:

pink festive dress:

strawberry dress:

rainbow dress: