The Ultimate Daisy Page

In 1974 four stickerbooks were released by Collins books.
One of my books has the old price sticker of 39p on it.
Drawings were by Joan Corlass and Decorations by Sue Lewington.

The books are:
- Daisy Moves In
  (ISBN 0 00 141152 7)
- Daisy's Gypsy Caravan
  (ISBN 0 00 141153 5)
- Daisy Barges On
  (ISBN 0 00 141154 3)
-Daisy goes to Market
  (ISBN 0 00 141155 1)

I have been very lucky to be able to buy all 4 stickerbooks. They are all in used condition, but I'm sure by seeing them it will bring back the nostalgia.

Daisy Moves In:

Daisy's Gypsy Caravan:

Daisy Barges On:

Daisy goes to Market: