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Special Editions, Souvenir and Airlines Dolls

Daisy also came in some special editions, I'm not sure of the events and of the dates of release but some Daisy collectors have been happy to share pictures of their special dolls.

Olympic doll from Finland:

picture courtesy of Jo P, I think this outfit originally came on a Optimum Dashing Daisy with 2 ponytails, like the ballerina doll featured in the ballerina leaflet.

Girl Guide doll:

picture courtesy of Jo P, I think I remember she has a Dizzy Daisy body.

Finnish folkloristic costume doll:

picture courtesy of Yvette

Finnish folkloristic costume doll:

in my own collection, Dizzy Daisy

Lapland dress:

in my own collection.
I have been searching on the web and found a picture of the lapland national costume on a real person, and I found 1 from Pirrko, a finnish collector. I hope it's ok I will publish this pictures here, otherwise please contact me.
mmm, I was just looking at the published pictures and now I can really see quite a few differences. Is the outfit I have really for Daisy, or was there another doll issued in the same dress? She must have been Daisy sized?

The question that rises to me is if Daisy was sold with red Daisy sandals for this outfit, or if she came with original lapland boots????
I know that I will still have to look for the yellow fringed shawl and the multicoloured belt for this outfit. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Back in the late '80s or early '90s I made a trip to London, and while I was there I came across a Scottish Highland Dancer doll.
I wasn't really collecting Daisy at the time, although I still had my own 2 childhood girls on display.
When I saw this girl I was so attracted to her that I just had to have her.

The box states made in China. Her body and head don't have any markings and she is made of hard plastic, but cheaper plastic than the Dizzy Daisy body.

Just a little while back I was browsing ebay and saw a doll in a Dutch 'Volendam' folkloristic costume.
She was in a box of a SAS airlines doll, but I take it this was somehow a mistake.
I'm trying to find someone who has been working at International Souvenir Industries B.V. , Almere, Holland, as this is where the airlines dolls came from. (at least, that's stated at the boxes of the airlines dolls). I would love to get to know more of the airlines dolls, as the info on the web is a bit sparse, and of course the Volendam doll in a SAS mini stewardess box is a kind of mystery.
Well, anyways, she is lovely. I took quite a few pictures of her.
This is how she arrived, upside down in 'her' box:

Her 'wooden shoes' are made of plastic and one is a bit smaller and a bit more yellow than the other. She is wearing her shoes inside her clogs, otherwise they will fall off.  The shirt has the marking Rozetta Almere.

Of course I had to undress her, just to see all the details and to clean her up a bit, as her face got quite grubby. Unfortunately her arms are suffering from severe discolouration.

Her face is the Amy facemould and her eyes are looking to the same side as Amy's, her eyeshadow is the same colour as Amy's.

She is a hardheaded doll and her body is the common Daisy body, marked model toys, HongKong.
She's now safely back in her box.

I always thought I wouldn't collect airlines dolls, but this mystery doll really got me started.

Here's my KLM doll, boxed and all, there is a small decal in the box, not sure where it was intended to be, so I'll just leave it the way it is.

Her body is a regular Daisy body, but with a larger neckbobble like the Dashing Daisy and the later Optimum dolls. This doll is also marked Optimum , HongKong.
KLM was founded on 7 october 1919, making it the oldest carrier in the world still operating under its original name. The merger of KLM with Air France in May 2004 created Air France-KLM, which is incorporated under French law with headquarters at Paris-Charled de Gaulle Airport. Both Air France and KLM continue to fly under their distinct brand names.

Another Dutch airline company is Martinair.
The airline was founded on 24 May 1958 as Martin's Air Charter (MAC), by J. Martin Schröder, with one aircraft, a de Havilland Dove and 5 employees. The name was changed to Martinair Holland in 1966. In 1991, the first aircraft with the "Martinair Cargo" name was introduced, and "Holland" was dropped from all aircraft. In June 2007, Martinair announced that it wanted one shareholder, preferably KLM, and in 2008 permission was obtained from the European commision.
In November 2007, Martinair ceased its short haul operations to concentrate on its cargo activities and intercontinantal flights. In September 2010 a restructuring was announced: this will involve dropping all passenger services from November 2011, which will be operated by KLM, and leaving only cargo services.

She's wearing black sandals, like the Daisy sandals, quite different from the shoes of the other airlines dolls.

This is again a doll just like Amy, but blonde and with blue eyes. Markings etc. are the same as the Volendam doll.

And yet another  Dutch airlines company, Transavia:
The airline was established in the end of 1965 as Transavia Limburg. Ten year later Transavia had a marketshare of 45% of the Dutch Holiday market and became the main competitor of Martinair. In 1986, the Transavia Holland brand was changed into Transavia Airlines. During 1991, the airline's major shareholder, Nedlloyd, sold its 80% holding to KLM. In June 2003, KLM acquired the remaining 20% of Transavia, making it 100% KLM owned. The subsequent merger of Air France and KLM made Transavia a wholly owned subsidiary of Air France-KLM.

This girlie has black hair, her body is the same as the KLM one. She's missing her hat.

NLM was a Dutch commuter airline, founded in 1966. NLM CityHopper operated under its own name until 1992. In 1992 NLM CityHopper and another Dutch airline, Netherlines, were both acquired by KLM and rebranded as KLM Cityhopper.

this doll is still on my wishlist.

SAS airlines:
Scandinavian Airlines or SAS, previously Scandinavian Airlines System, is the flag carrier of Denmark, Norway and Sweden, and the largest airline in Scandinavia. The Airline was founded on 1 August 1946, when several Swedish, Danish and Norwegian companies formed a partnership to handle the intercontinental air traffic of these three Scandinavian Airlines. In 1948 the Swedish flag carrier AB Aerotransport joined SAS and the companies coordinated European operations and finally merged to form the SAS Consortium in 1951. When established, the airline was divided between SAS Danmark(28,6%), Sas Norge(28,6%), and SAS Sverige(42,8%), all owned 50 % by private investors and 50 % by their governments. In 2004 SAS was divided into 4 companies: SAS Scaninavian Airlines Sverige AB, SAS Scandinavian Airlines Danmark AS, SAS Braathens AS and SAS Scandinavian International AS. SAS Braathens was rebranded SAS Scandinavian Airlines Norge AS in 2007. In October 2009 the 4 companies were once again united into 1 company, SAS Scandinavian System AB.

The dolls came in a blue and in a grey outfit.
The blue uniform was a winter uniform and the grey uniform a summer uniform.

As you can see, her face seems a bit smaller than that of the KLM and many of the other airlines dolls. Her markings are also a bit different: Optimum, Macao.

The one in the grey outfit has arrived and is slightly different from the one in the blue outfit, she's missing the buttons on her skirt and on her shirt and the pin on her jacket is upside down. Also her skirt was sewn much to wide, but they just put some velcro in place to make it fit. Could she be a friday afternoon doll??? LOL!

CP Air, Canadian Pacific Air:
Canadian Pacific Air Lines was a Canadian airline that operated from 1942 to 1987. It operated under the name CP Air from 1968 to 1986. Having been renamed CP Air in 1968, the airline in 1986 reverted to its original name of Canadian Pacific Air Lines. Less than a year later, in 1987, Canadian Pacific Air Lines was sold, along with Nordair, to Calgary based Pacific Western Airlines. PWA announced that the new name of the merged airline would be Canadian Airlines International. In 2000, Canadian Airlines was taken over by and merged into Air Canada.

This doll is incomplete for now, but I'm considdering buying a boxed one. Picture of boxed doll courtesy of Elaine.

Trans World Airlines (TWA) was one of the largest United States commercial airlines from 1930 until its merger with American Airlines in 2001. TWA's corporate history dates from the July 16, 1930, forced merger of Transcontinental Air Transport and Western Air Express to form Transcontinental & Western Air (T&WA).

I bought this set before I started collecting airlines dolls, because I needed a boyfriend for Daisy. Isn't he cute? They are both in the same box.

There's another set with a steward and a stewardess from Northwest Airlines.
Northwest Airlines was a major US airline founded in 1926 and absorbed into Delta Air Lines by a merger approved on October 29, 2008, making Delta the largest airline in the world. Northwest continued to operate under its own name and brand until the integration of the carriers was completed on January 31, 2010. Their markings are the same as those of the TWA-doll set.
Here they are:

A very special doll is the one from Singapore airlines, she has a bit of a different head and really a beautiful outfit.
Singapore Airlines began with the incorporation of Malayan Airways Limited (MAL) on May 1947, by the Ocean Steamship Company of Liverpool, the Straits Steamship Company of Singapore and Imperial Airways. The airline's first flight was a chartered flight from the Brithis Straits Settelement of Singapore to Kuala Lumpur on 2 April 1947 using an Airspeed Consul twin-engined aeroplane.

I bought 2 girls in box and uniform of Singapore airlines, but I'm not sure if the one with black hair is the original doll that should be in it.
When she arrived her head was popped too far on her neck. Her shoes are the common stewardess shoes. Well, I'll just show the pictures, they will say more then words:

Here is the Singapore Girl that I received mint in box:

I know many collectors would disagree, but I just had to know as much as possible about her, so I had to take her carefully out of her box. Don't worry, she's back in it now, and still with the original cellophane and cellotape.
First a picture of her shoes and the stand, then one of the fabric of the 2 outfits, they are different.

As you can see the doll has the Daisy body type, although her body seems a slightly lighter colour than that of the black haired doll.

Delta airline was formed as Huff Daland Dusters, Incorporated, an aerial crop dusting operation on May 30, 1924 and began carrying passengers in late 1929. Colett E. Woolman purchased the company on September 13, 1928, and renamed it Delta Air Service.
The doll is marked Optimum, Macao.

British Caledonian was a private, British independent airline in the 1970s and 1980s. It came into being in Noveber 1970 when the Scottish charter airline Caledonian Airways, at the time Britain's second-largest, wholly privately owned, independent airline, took over British United Airways (BUA).
A series of major setbacks during the 1980s as well as the airline's inability to grow to the minimum size to become a viable 'Second Force' led to increasing financial difficulties during the second half of that decade. This was the time the airline began looking for a merger partner to improve its competitive position.
British Airways emerged victorious in the ensuing bidding war and gained control of its erstwhile competitor in December 1987.
These 2 dolls are also marked Optimum, Macao

Doll in tartan culottes:

I'm not sure if this outfit is for an airlines doll, but she came dressed in this. The shoes came in a seperate lot.

The airlines dolls that are still on my wishlist are:
- NLM cityhopper doll
- Sterling doll
- Dan Air doll
- Cross Air doll
- Air Canada doll
- Olau shiplines doll
oh, and of course I still need a hat for my transavia doll and for the red british caladonian girl. Not sure if the Delta airlines doll should have a hat.

The souvenir or special edition dolls on my wishlist are the finnish olympic doll, the finnish doll with the blue dress, and the girl guide doll.
There should also be  a hat for the lapland dress, so still need that one too. Also I would love to know on what kind of doll the outfit was originally sold.

I don't know if there were made any other airlines dolls than the ones I mentioned here. And of course I would love to know any additional information on them. So if you have one of the dolls on my wishlist for sale or if you have any additional information about them, please contact me through the contact form.

If you would like to see 'real life' examples of the uniforms, here's the link to an excellent website: