The Ultimate Daisy Page

In 1974 a new booklet was featured, with lots of new outfits and dolls: My-round-the-world-holiday. In fashions by Mary Quant. The first edition of this booklets shows 3 daisy dolls on the cover, but when there came a second edition, there were a suitcase and 2 bags on the cover, and also some of the pages had different outfits on it.
When I started collecting I felt like everything was mixed up! (I still had the second edition from my childhood, so I was very confused when I read in an auction that an outfit was featured in my round the world holiday, and I didn't recognise it!)

At this page I will first show the first booklet and then I will show the pages that are different  in the second booklet.

Sunstroke, Humbug, Hornpipe, Intercity, Careergirl, Top of the Pops

Black Magic, Able Seaman, Flossie, Hot Dog, Sunday Best

Miss Muffet, Hoity Toity, Daddy's Girl, Flamenco.

As you can see in the booklet Hoity Toity is pictured as a white fur coat & turban, but I have only seen this fashion in brown fur!!!!

Knickerbocker Glory, Captain's Table, Concorde, Puddleduck

Garden Party, Posh, Daisy Chain, Ring-a-Roses, Charleston

Naughty, Blossom, Sweet Violet, Flapper, Sherbert, Confetti

Tango, Romany, Casbah, Banana Split, Signal

Smarty, Cowslip, Princess, Peachy

Bees Knees, Derby Day, April Showers, St Tropez, Dotty, Wedding Bells.

So far the first booklet, and now the different pages of the second booklet.
It starts at p 5& 6 where in the first booklet hoity toity, etc. was featured:

Confetti, Princess, Broomstick, Miss Chelsea, Gypsy, Nightingale
ok, the dolls are not all the blonde daisy dolls as shown in the booklet, but these are the dolls I have on display with these fashions. I really think Havoc's face is much better for a witch than Daisy's sweet face, and the Gypsy just had to have black hair. And of course my redhaired beauty deserves to wear a Miss outfit.

at page 11 & 12, just a slight difference:

Naughty, Blossom, Sweet Violet, Flapper, Sherbert, Miss Muffet

Another difference at pages 15 & 16, but the outfits and drawings are well known from the first edition:

Smarty, Cowslip, Daddy's Girl, Flamenco

And than the last 2 pages with the ready dressed dolls:

Tiddlywinks, Derby Day, April Showers, Cherry Pie, Posy, Wedding Bells.

At the backside of the cover there's also an image, and Dashing Daisy is introduced:
Hello! I'm Dashing Daisy. I can wear all Daisy's outfits. But I get up to extra activities. So I have special activity outfits, by Mary Quant.
I come ready-dressed in this lilac tutu Circus Star. And I have my very own horse, Archie. Archie's box contains my riding outfit. Other activity outfits: Showbiz- for caberet; Calimity Jane- for Western range riding; Swan Lake-.for ballet; and St. Moritz- for ski-ing.
Note: Only Dashing Daisy can ride her wonderful horse, Archie.

Circus Star, Archie & riding outfit