The Ultimate Daisy Page

As far as I know the last booklet dates from 1978.
It was titled 'My Glamorous Life as a Ballerina.
Daisy's look has changed here. In the drawings there are lots of sidepart dolls and the active dolls wear their hair in bunches.
Also 3-style Daisy was introduced, a doll with shaven flocked hair and 3 wigs accompanied her. She was available with a basic body and with an active body.
Well, enough babbling for now, let just start off with the booklet pictures. (I don't have the original but a copy of a copy, so please bear this in mind when looking at the leafletscans)


Jolly Brolly, Raindrops, Lovely Luggage, Dashing Daisy Ballerina.

Daisy's Boutique, Marseilles, Fruit Cake, Pot Pourri.

Pom Pom, Casino, Country Wedding.

Walk Along Daisy, Peaches & Cream, Capuchine, Ahoy.

Stardust, Midsummer Dream, Heyday, Country Cousin.

Daisy & Spot, Dashing Daisy Skiddoo, Daisymobile, Blue Jeans (ok, I admit this isn't the real fashion, I used the top of Romany and the trousers of a discogirls outfit to take a more or less similar picture.)

Daisy & Garden Swing, Tool Kit, Ritz, Beautifull Dreamer, Daisy's Shop, Cooker, Tuck, Sink Unit, red flowered cotton dress (ready dressed doll).

House, Wardrobe, Fancy Free, Chaise Longue, Dressing Table, Petticoat & Bra, Hatstand & Mirror, 3-style Daisy, Dining Table, Chair & Coffee Table, Rock.

Bonny, Dashing Daisy & Archie, Black Magic.