The Ultimate Daisy Page

The first Daisy dolls were released in 1973.
In their boxes there was a booklet included, titled 'My Fashion Diary'.
This booklet showed all the outfits and dolls that were available at that time.
At this page I will try to show you everything that was in this booklet.

Let's just take off with the first page:
Hi there, I'm Daisy and I'd like to show you the smashing clothes Mary Quant has designed especially for me- to take me right through the year. I have such fun wearing them! You can buy clothes just like mine in toy shops.

Razzle Dazzle, Teddy Bear & Get Me!, Live Wire

In-the-Pink, Check Mates, Candy Floss, Sleepy Bye

Wrap Up, Buster, Lola, Swiss Miss

Charlie Girl, Miss Prim, Singing in the Rain, Bubbles

High Summer, Mopsie, Huckleberry, Out & About

Brighton Belle, Marrakesh, Chum Up, Dress Up, Sawn off, On the Dot

Whiz Kid, Hopscotch, Bertie, Mam'zelle

Spot On, Dandy, City Slicker, Frou Frou

Happy Day, Hollywood, Honey Bun, Peppermint Rock, Meadowsweet