The Ultimate Daisy Page

In my search to find out as much as Daisy as I could, I found many lovely sites on the web.

First of all I would like to mention the 2 sites of Sarah Evans, she realy did a wonderfull job, and it have been my favourite sites for a long time.

Dossier Daisy: ,Daisy dolls and outfits from 1973-1978

Inside Daisy's closet: ,Glamourous pictures of Daisy in '70s outfits

Marielle's Dolly corner: ,Lovely site where Marielle shows off her Daisy collection and other dolls

Dolls All Over: , Helene's fantastic site where she shows her Daisy collection and her other dolls collections.
Chanette's Daisy site: , Another Danish doll collector who shows off her lovely collection.

Jaselle's Daisy passion: ,Michelle, a NZ Daisy collector made a lovely website to showcase her collection. ,another fabulous site about Daisy, by Wendi, a NZ-Daisy collector.

Daisy Mania group: ,yahoo discussion group on Daisy, where we discuss how we would like this website (the ultimate daisy page) to look, and lots of members came up with usefull ideas and lovely pictures.

Daisy & Havoc club: ,another yahoo discussion group on Daisy & Havoc, with lots of friendly members and more lovely pictures.

Junipurs Daisy site: ,Junipur shows off her Daisy collection

My Daisy doll: ,Tanya's Daisy collection

Katariina's Daisy's: ,Finnish site were Katariina shows off her Daisy collection ,Nick's smashing site about Havoc

I also blog about my dolls, not always regular, but you might see some new additions there, before I put them on the website, I also collect Pippa and friends, so you can read about them too at my blog: