The Ultimate Daisy Page

After the ballerina booklet Flair toys produced several outfits for Daisy, before Daisy was taken over by Optimum.
As far as I know there wasn't any booklet produced after the ballerina booklet.
I will list these outfits in alphabetical order, as far as I know the names. And where I found the stocknumber I will add that too.
Great help has come from a couple of trade ads that I found on the web. (thanks for this one, Katarinaa)

Moonglow (65356):

Snap (65357):

Kaleidoscope (65358):

Knit-wit (65359):

the left shoulder strap is missing, will have to see if I can find a replacement for it

Sun 'n Fun (65360):

Dotty (65361):

Look Lively (65263):

I'm still looking for  a better outfit, as this ones has holes in the back and the elastic got stretched. Also need the red pendant to it.

Zig Zag (65265):

Ace (65266):

Garden Party (65270):

I only have the blue dress, found the picture of the carded outfit somewhere on the web.

Promenade (65273):

Nice 'N Easy (65274):

picture courtesy of junipur, this outfit is still on my wishlist

Old Lace (65162):

The picture of the carded outfit was found somewhere on the web, I still need the top for Daisy's modesty

Miss Muffet (65163):

again picture of the carded outfit found somewhere on the web

Hoe-down (65166):

As usual I found the picture of the carded outfit on an auctionsite

Breezy (65167):

Winter Wollies (65171):

another picture of a carded outfit from an auction.

Good Morrow (65172):

The hat and the dress both have some damage, but I'm very happy to have them

Glitter (65173):

for this one I 'stole' the diadem and the pearl necklace from some of my other dolls, so still in need for them.

Bubble Gum (65261):


carded outfit picture unknown source

Dolly Mixture (65260):

carded outfit picture unknown source, the top may not be original, but it's the only one I have

Forty Winks (65258):

carded outfit picture unknown source

Pal Mal:

carded outfit picture unknown source

Quick Step (65257):

carded outfit picture unknown source

Shirt Dress (65371):

not sure if this is either optimum or flair

Time Out:

picture carded outfit unknown source

Daisy & Spot:

There are also quite a few outfits of which I don't have the name, some of them are in trade ads, so therefore surely Daisy's.

1980's stockoutfit, glitterdresses:

blue jive variant:

blue suit red pockets:

animal fur coat:

Short floral dress, stockoutfit:

And there are outfits that I don't have any identification for, but they seem to have Daisy written all over it. All these outfits close with metal poppers, so therefore I presume they are flair outfits.

2 dresses, maybe stockoutfits?:

blue skisuit:

Now I just need the ski's, skipoles and skiboots for this outfit.

red skisuit:

Still need all the accesories, this one goes with another scarf and hat, blue ski's and skipoles and skiboots, I think also blue?

blue floral maxi dress:

brown check outfit:


sheer orange 2-piece:

white floral maxi dress:

Pink low-backed Culotte:

This outfit is the same model as 'Tango' (from my round the world holiday)

Lilac black glitter ensemble:

Pop star:

unfortunately I don't have the keyboard and microphone for her

Country Wedding:

the veil and bag are not original

Another Weddingdress:

This doll is a very special girl, with green and pink hairplugs!
Jonny H. seemed to remember Lady Lovelylocks had a dress like this, and a quick check on ebay confirmed this info.... Still a lovely dress, so I'll leave it on my space Daisy for a while, until I can find her original outfit.