The Ultimate Daisy Page

Welcome to the 'It's in the detail' section.
Along with Daisy's fashions there came a lot of accesories. Some of them are hard to get by now.
To help you in your search, I will upload some detailpictures here.

I'll start with 'my fashion diary'

Sleepy Bye:

the pink fluffy slippers are hard to find.

Candy Floss:

the stockings for Candy floss are also very hard to find.

Swiss Miss:

Swiss Miss came with a blue leather shoulder bag & white boots.

Miss Prim:

miss prim stockings, very hard to find, like all the other stockings.......

Singing in the Rain:

the red leather bag and the hat are harder to get by.


the red dilly bag is also one of the harder to find items.

Out & About:

the camera was one of my first wins. I haven't seen it turn up much on auction sites.

Brighton Belle:

the sunglasses and towel came in that same first lot. the towel doesn't show up much either.


the red/white spot panties are harder to find, especially in good condition. Loose elastic or damage at the crotch is the usual problem here.

Spot On:

this outfit came with red phone, the same red/white spot panties as the Mam'zelle outfit, black shoes and black stockings.
The same black stockings came also with RAZZLE DAZZLE

Let's continue with the accesories for 'my round the world holiday':


this one still dates from my childhood.

Top of the Pops:

And another one that dates from my childhood. I've lost one of the small glasses, but found a large one, so I at least I do have 4 glasses with my drinking tray. The record player I have from my childhood is in sad condition, but I found a replacement for it.

Hoity Toity:

White boots, a turban style fur hat and a white 'leather' handbag. (Anna, thanks for the picture of the handbag!)

Knickerbocker Glory:

The orange shoes & handbag don't show up often.

Captain's Table:
I didn't know the necklace was going with this outfit, untill a carded one showed up on an auctionsite.


the hat for puddleduck, mine is a bit split at the top.

Garden Party:
the whole outfit doesn't show up much on auction sites. I've never seen a boxed one.


I had this whole outfit as a kid, but only the vanity set is my childhood one, the towel & sponge came in a lot with a complete outfit. (the knickers of my childhood one disappeared too).


  A lovely pink pearl necklace with a red pendant.


  The white record player, this one is still in very good condition.


  The same red leather handbag that goes with the 'singing in the rain' outfit.


  The pink pearl necklace is one of these htf little accesories.

Derby Day:

  The first derby day dress I had was missing the 'jewels'. I had already decided to vandalise a Ritz-necklace, when I found this dress, the skirt was loose from the bodice, but the 'jewels' were still attached!


So far I've only found the buckle shoes for this outfit. I would love to find the witch-hat one day!


I only need the syringe to make this outfit complete. The shoes are different from Daisy's usual shoes.

My exciting life as a reporter:

Bed Sit:

  This is the first time the red recordplayer shows up, also the camera is a bit different from the ones of the first 2 booklets.


  This picture is a bit of a guess. I don't have the carded set, so I have just been searching through all my loose items.

Snug Bug:

The vanity set is red, just like the nightie itself.

Cucumber Sandwich:

The scarf for cucumber sandwich is another htf item.

Sister Kate:

  Sister Kate is one of these HTF outfits. I have never seen the pendant & the headband on an auctionsite. The headband in the picture isn't the original one, but a very well made duplicate. Helene still had the original, and she did me the favour to make this one for me. Many, many thanks!

Tea Dance:

The pearl necklace for tea dance is a very long one. It should be possible to make 2 'normal' necklaces out of 1 tea dance necklace.

Turkish Delight:

And here again, I am not sure if I have the right accesories pictured. This was the only necklace with pendant that came in the lot with my Turkish Delight dress. There were also several bags included in this lot. I thought the gold clutchbag would go well with turkish delight, but in the same lot there was a black shoulderbag, and I don't have a clue to wich outfit that one could belong, other than to this outfit.

Dashing Daisy bike-outfit:

Untill now I only have to yellow satin top for the bike clothes. It came to me in mint condition, together with the pair of white plimsolls that are in this picture. I'm still searching for the yellow satin shorts. I've only seen the complete set once on an auctionsite, but the seller only wanted to ship inside the UK, so no luck for me.

Mystery bag & shoes:

This is the bag I mentioned in my description for the Turkish Delight accesories. I don't have a clue to wich outfit it belonged. The black sandals came to me in a seperate lot, again I have no idea with wich outfit it went.

Daisy Longlegs:

  Detail picture of the follies neckband

Frankie made some lovely pictures for the detail section as well, here they follow:

dining chairs:

L-R Toltoys, Model/Flair Toys & Optimum

table settings:

Top - Model/Flair, Bottom - Optimum


HTF items:

To help you in your search

luggage brown:

From the Optimum Range - also includes a vanity case. Other colours available

shoes, slippers, boots:

surf & skateboards:

From the Optimum Range - available in other coulours

Rock (65350):

Daisy's Bags: