The Ultimate Daisy Page

Next in line was the booklet titled: I'm having fun as a travel courier! fashions by Mary Quant.
The first page starts with: Hello! I'm Daisy. My job as a travel courier takes me to fascinating places.

At the last page Dolly Brolly (65506) is shown again.

Tinkerbell, Happy Day, Barndance, Fancy Free, Ritz, Bed, Mirror (& Hatstand), Dressing Table & Stool, Chaise Longue, Wardrobe.

Marlene, Honeymoon, Glitter, Hotspur.

Picnic, Mustard, Clementine, Garden Party.

Five 'O', Denimgrad, Jane, Jitterbug.

Milkshake, Rio, Pocahontas, Swizzle.

St. Moritz, Guinevere, Ice Queen, Red Riding Hood.

Miranda, April Showers, Brighton Rock, Dashing Daisy & Archie.

Brittania Daisy, Dashing Daisy & bicycle, Nightingale.

Beanbag Furniture, Dizzy Daisy, Bed Sit, Raindrops, Hatstand (& Mirror), Dining Table, Hoedown.