The Ultimate Daisy Page

On the backside of the adventurepacks with outfits, there are the complete stories of all the adventures in which Havoc needed her special gear.
So, I thought it would be fun to show them on this page.

Surprise from the skies, (pack 75011):

Sabotage Under the Sea, (pack 75012):

Music for Murder, (pack 75013):

The Swedish Incident, (pack 75014):

Jungle Mission, (pack 75015):

Race Against Death, (pack 75016):

Villainy in Venice, (pack 75017):

The Monster of Mac Lochlin, (pack 75018):

Hostess to Danger, (pack 75019):

Mystery at the Ranch, (pack 75020):

Inflatable boat, (pack 75051):

Trainingspack, (pack 75054):
And for her trainingssessions she needs a good trainingmate, and who would be any better than Horsman's Police woman Angie Dickinson???
Look how much fun these 2 girls have together:

Police Woman Angie Dickinson had the same outfits (almost) as Havoc, and the stories on the back of the cards are exactly the same.
on the card on the inside of my box, someone has written 1977 with pencil, so I assume Horsman bought the rights from Model Toys???
Atlhough the outfits and cards are almost the same, there are a couple of little differences.
(I don't have the outfits myself, so pictures all saved from auctionsites, except the ones of the boxed doll, which is mine)

Angie is sold in a red catsuit that doesn't close with a zipper in front, but it closes with velcro on the back.

Besides the red catsuit she's wearing a raincoat similar to the one for Music for Murder, but it is made of cotton instead of nylon. She doesn't have the hat, violin case with automatic gun and the sunglasses with her either.

The outfit for Race Against Death is almost the same, but of course it is missing the Havoc emblem, so the pink shirt is just plain pink.
Also the name is a bit different, Race Against Time:

Villainy in Venice was called Undercover Mission:

Sabotage Under the Sea:

Surprise from the Skies: