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In 1974 Model Toys released Havoc!!!
Fearless, fiery Havoc fights crime around the world. When danger or disaster threaten, she never fails!
Her friends  know Havoc as a top newspaper reporter. Fiendish international villains have learnt to fear her as ' Havoc , Super Agent'.
Havoc is a girl in a million. With the skills and daring to surmount every hazard, outwit the most cunning foe. And with all the gear she needs for her fantastic adventures.

The booklets, dolls and outfits were both in English and in Dutch versions released

Havoc was sold wearing a catsuit, as far as I know there are 3 colour variants of it. I finally got the green catsuit!!!!! (It is tlc, but at least I've got it!)

Havoc had a great training pack, pack 75054:

Surprise from the skies  action gear  pack 75011:

Mae West and Inflatable Boat come from pack 75051:

Sabotage under the Sea action gear, pack 75012:

Music for Murder action gear, pack 75013:

The Swedish Incident action gear, pack 75014:

Havoc's Sleeping Bag Survival Kit No.2, pack 75053:

Jungle Mission action gear, pack 75015:

Havoc's Tent , Survival Kit No.1, pack 75052:

Race against Death action gear, pack 75016:

Havocs Racing Motorbike, pack 75081:

Havoc complete with her Racing Motorbike, pack 75082 was also issued, but I don't have a picture of it.

Villainy in Venice, pack 75017:

The Monster of Mac Lochlin, pack 75018:

Hostess to Danger, pack 75019:

Mystery at the ranch action gear, pack 75020: