The Ultimate Daisy Page

The next booklet after the 2 editions of my round the world holiday, was called My Exciting Life As A Reporter fashions by Mary Quant.
I assume there was a booklet each year, so this one should date from 1976.

At the reverse of the booklet there's a drawing of Daisy's Traveling Case (65505), that could hold Daisy and her clothes, and also a Daisy Dolly Brolly (65506), wich should be a child sized umbrella.

Fancy Free, Wardrobe, Dressing Table & Stool, Bed Sit, Be Bop, Ritz,
Bed, Snug Bug

Cucumber Sandwich, BobbySox, Licorice Allsorts

Bye Bye Baby, Baker Boy, Straight & Narrow, Tam O'Shanter, Sister Kate, Shepherds Pie

Bumper Jumper, Jive, May Ball, Tea Dance

Moulin Rouge, Yum Yum, Neat Pleats, Turkish Delight

Dashing Daisy ready-dressed with bicycle, Fox Trot, Fandango, Dashing Daisy read
y dressed with Archie.

Confetti, Nightingale, Amy, Miss Chelsea.

Swan Lake, Showbiz, Calamity Jane, St. Moritz

Dizzy Daisy, Angel Delight, Wedding Cake, April Showers, Dashing Daisy Circus Star

I'm still working on the pictures in booklet style, so just keep a look out for the next uploads.