The Ultimate Daisy Page

Bubbles and Squeak are more or less assumed to be the younger sister and brother of Daisy, but I never found evidence for that in the Daisy booklets.
The relation that is obvious, is that they were all designed by Mary Quant and produced by Flair Toys.

Thanks to Jonny I can now tell a little bit of the history about Bubbles and Squeak.
He provided me with a picture scan of Mary Quant posing with Bubbles and Squeak from January 1975 in London.
His guess is that this photograph would have been taken at the annual Toy Fair at which all the new products are show-cased.

The photo reads on the back: QUANT DESIGNS FOR THE TODDLERS, January 29th 1975.
Fashion Designer Mary Quant with Bubbles and Squeak, aimed at the three to eight-year-olds and inlcuded a new range of Quant dolls shown in London today.
Bubbles can be equipped with a wardrobe of Quant clothes, including a bridesmaid outfit, a party dress and dungarees. There are extra clothes for Sqeak too.

I don't have pictures of all the clothes designed for Bubbles and Squeak, but I will try to be as complete as possible.
If anyone can supply me with more pictures and/or outfits, please contact me.

Bubbles and Squeak were sold together in a pack.
Bubbles with blond plaited hair and Squeak earns his name from the sound he makes:

I don't have these boxed ones.

Bubbles with a red bob and Squeak:

I don't have these boxed ones either, but I do have them loose.

Bubbles alone with blond plaited hair:

Bubbles alone with a red bob:

My loose Bubbles & Squeak dolls:

My other loose Bubbles and Squeak dolls, wearing Hi-Jinks:

Reverse of the box in wich Bubbles and Squeak were sold:

Reverse of the clothing boxes:

Bubbles Bridesmaid outfit:

Bubbles Sunday Best outfit:

Bubbles Splash outfit:

Squeak Puddles outfit: