The Ultimate Daisy Page

The following booklet was titled:
Read all about my giftshop....and my fashions by Mary Quant

At the first page it starts with:
Hello! I'm Daisy. I have a gorgeous new gift shop of my very own - and I'm off to find exciting things to sell in it.

Wardrobe, Fancy Free, Ritz, Moon Glow. Cuddles, Lovely Luggage, Jolly Brolly.

Fantasia, Heyday (picture by Helene, Thanks!). Silver Blades (dashing daisy).

Popcorn, Apple Pie, Strawberry Fool.

Bo Peep, Tinkerbell, Sugar Almond, Tiffany.

Bed, Dressing Table and Stool, Chaise Longue, Country Wedding, Mirror & Hatstand, Tool Kit, House, Chair & Coffee Table, Rock.

Darling Daisy, Arizona, Promenade.(Anna, thanks for lending me your lovely dress)

Dashing Daisy & Archie, Dashing Daisy Skiddoo, Swing.

Sherlock, Tivoli, (Thanks again, Helene, for another lovely picture). Folderols, Bicycle, Legs Eleven (Gorgeous picture by Frankie)

Mississippi, Dining Table, Tuck, Cooker, Sink Unit, Pink Champagne.