About Us

The Association of Zack The Great, or AOZTG Team we'd prefer the most to be called by, is a non-profit, video game designing company that is striving towards one goal, becoming the best video game series on the planet. Though, we weren't always so big and powerful, nay, we  weren't even called AOZTG Team back then. The idea all started, 8 Years ago.


Our formally, well and world, known 1st executive producer, Zack Hopkins, came up with the idea. It was called "The Quiet Game". As a child, Zack and his brother, other wise known as AOZTG's 2nd executive producer, Nathan Hopkins, played this game every night at their bedtime. The only two characters that were in the game where called "Wizard 1" and "Wizard 2". The main plot of the game was to collect orbs in the sky, at complete and utter random. This idea went on for a year until Zack started to add new ideas and changes to the game. Wizard 1 became a swords man named Zack, Nathan modeled his character soon after like his. There design was armor with a sword, Zack wore golden armor, Nathan's armor color was unknown, most likely green. They added more "beef" to the idea, giving the two character's their history and objectives. For example, Zack was told to be an "Angel from God", he was supposed to be the "Savior" of the world by defeating a force known as the Devil's army, which still exist in our AOZTG series today as the "Devilers", and his tribe was the Godesters. Then,Nathan was given a history of being the "chosen one" of a Egyptian tribe called the Ancientsters to help defeat the Devil's Army. Strangely enough, the two kept mimicking each others ideas,  most of the time Zack inventing them first, also explaining the names Zack The Great and Nate The Great. However, when this idea was 5 years old, Nathan had "Grew out" of the game and quit. Zack was ready to give up, but then when he learned about Sonic Team and their advancements, Zack decided to rename and transform the game into The Adventures of Zack The Great, also known as AOZTG, and build off of that on his own. About a half a year later, Zack and Nate had teamed up once more and invented a new business, us, AOZTG Team, The Adventures of Zack The Great Team. He then released his idea on a site called Deviant Art and it grew into the internet there. Recently, one of our new Staff members, B-Squared, offered to rename us to make it sound a lot better, Zack accepted this and then so we were named The Association of Zack The Great (team was kept in the abbreviated form).


So thats how we were made and started.


If you would like to know more about the individuals characters information, please visit the WikiAOZTG site.

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