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 News December 27, 2012

 Apologies and 2013

Some people visiting here might have concluded that Terre Verde Farm had dropped off of the map. Not so! With the surprising development of an unexpected, but much desired pregnancy, we had to shift much of our focus on having a healthy pregnancy and birth. In October we had a beautiful healthy child. We are so happy and blessed. As you can imagine our priorities have shifted greatly so things will be changing some on the farm. We will not be adding any new openings for CSA members this year and we will be raising meat chickens and turkeys on requests with prepaid deposit only. We will also have straight run chicks and turkey poults as requested and with prepaid deposit only. We hope to avoid extra production and feed costs by only producing that which is already ordered. Check back from time to time for updates and ordering details and deadlines. So our sincere apologies for not keeping this website current this year and for the lapse in following thru with questions and requests. Just know that 2013 we will be back and tailored to much more individual service. Thank you for your patronage.


 Check out my House Chicken. She is so funny.



 NEW! Members Speak:  I've added a forum page for you. It is up & running. Feel free to post thoughts or messages. Just be polite please...inappropriateness can lead to you being banned & I hate that. Thanks for the posts so far.



Until next time...Loving Life & Living it to the Fullest!

Tammy March-Vispi

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