What is Stick-Online?

"Stick-Online is an MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) platform game, which takes place in a relatively large and seamless 2D world. Players gain; levels, equipment, weapons, and skills in order to fight enemies, as opposed to other players." -Meiun- (Stick-Online creator)

Public Deathlist

A public death list if anyone wants someone added, message me the name and I'll add it as long as it's not mine .

██ - Death Warrant
██ - Wanted
██ - Warned

Black Listed:

Black Demon X







Th3_Natural's Minimap

Comprehensive Strategy Guide


By: Tekken 5 Master aka Th3_Natural 

E-Mail: tekken5master_eng@hotmail.co.uk
Created: 7th - 19th January 2007 



Hello all and welcome to "The First Stick-Online Walkthrough" ever to be made. Complete with just about everything you need to know in the entire game (As of 2007-2008). Now we've all been asked the same questions numerous times, whether it's about the controls or other random stuff, I got pretty fed up a few times with hearing things like "Where do I get a Bandit Mask", or "How do I Jump to that Branch?", so that's the reason why I decided to make this walkthrough. The truth is I’ve been meaning to write a walkthrough like this for some time, but I never quite got around to it. Since SO isn’t really a 1 player game, but online. So I decided to combine Hints, Tips as well as all kinds of strategies to get you through this game no questions asked.



Various tweaks, adjustments, typos: Pato2747, superbobman4, B-B-B, cpsgames, Help_me, Bo-sox, Nutemo, Xirod, JJN.

Company: Stick-Online Team

Language:  English

Number of Characters: 1

Number of Creatures / Non-Playable Characters: 13

Number of Items: 51

Number of Skills: 0


Move Left - (Controls the character to run Left) – Left Arrow key

Move Right - (Controls the character to run Right) – Right Arrow key

Crouch - (Character crouches in position for a "Crouch Jump") - Down Arrow key

Jump - (Jump while standing or while crouching to do a "Crouch Jump") - A

Primary Attack - (Character throws a Punch when all weapons are unequiped) - S

Secondary Attack - (Character throws a Kick when all weapons are unequiped) - D

Sit Down - (Rest to regain Health and Energy faster) - X

Toggle PvP - (Player vs Player Mode, enables you to attack other players) - P

Interact - (Enables you to interact with certain things, e.g. Shops and Spawn Points) - Ctrl/Control

Chat Box - (Opens the Chat Box, used to type and send messages) - Enter

Quit Game - (Allows you to safely exit the game, this also saves all your stats and progress) - Escape


Health, Stamina, Experience Points and Gold

██ = Health/Hp (1st bar)

██ = Stamina/Sta (2nd bar)

██ = Experience Points (3rd bar)

On the image above you can't see any yellow Experience points because I have reached Level: 99 (the current limit) thus preventing me from leveling up any further.

Managing your Inventory 

Left Click on the Inventory icon - - and your Inventory will open.

Left Click on an item to Equip, Unequip or Use it.

To remove an Item from your inventory permanently: Hold Shift and press the Right Mouse Button on the Item.

Managing your Stats 

Left Click on the Stats icon - - and a Stats menu will open.

Here you can customize 4 different types of Stats.

Str Strength – Increases your Attack damage and increases your "Knock-Back" ability.

Agi Agility – Increases your Speed, and Jump height.

Vit Vitality – Increases your maximum Health and Defense, also increases "Knock-Back" resistance.

Int Intelligence – Increases your maximum Stamina guage, Energy regain and the effects of certain skills.

To increase a Stat, simply Left Click the green "+" icon located on the right of every Stat except Defense.

Managing your Skills
Left Click on the Skills icon -
- and a Skills menu will open. (Not yet implemented)


Text Commands 

There are a number of text commands you can type in for the following actions.

/who - Check how many Players are Online.

/sound - Toggle the Game Sound.

/fps - Checks your Frames per Second.

/ping - Checks your Ping.

/filter - Toggles the in-game chat filter.


Only 1 type of character you can play as in this game so far...

1½ CM tall Stick Man with a bald and somewhat, round head.



Greenland: 7 Creatures

A small blue Blob which is weak and easy to kill, but be aware as it has quite a nasty bite. A bunch of these together can take out people up to Lvl: 20.



Rock Demon/Rocky

A demon made from rock, has a considerable large head, moderately fast at moving and also has a strong punch which will send you flying.

Rock Beast/RB
Also like the Rock Demon, but almost 3 times the size and much harder to kill, it's slow when moving, but has an unexpecting powerful blowing attack which comes from its mouth.

A fast walking enemy with a menacing stab attack, be careful not to get caught in a gang of these!

Big Blob Boss/BBB

A huge Blob, 10 times the size an ordinary Blob, it's very fast at moving and has an incredibly nasty bite.


One of the most annoying creatures in the game, it runs every time you go after it and is prone to jump off edges and pits 100% of the time.

Black Bunny/BB
THE most annoying creature in the game!!! Even faster than the White Bunny and much rarer to come across. Another suicidal family member, prone to jumping off ledges.

Desert: 4 Creatures

A slow bouncing evil Cactus which tends to spawn in big groups, though it may be slow, watch out for its fast jab as it can be deadly, especially if you get caught up in herds of Cacti.

Bone Head/Skele
A very fast walking skeleton, always avoid getting hit by these, get stuck in a crowd of these and you'll be respawning all the while.

Sand Fiend/SF
A fast, tall monster with an annoying sword slash attack which does quite a lot of damage.

Dark Sage/DS
By far the toughest and fattest monster in the game, with a cool but extremly powerful "Dragoon Attack", careful not to go in front of this tub of lard becuase he's one tough SOB. Your best chances are to fight him with a group of people, the only way to kick his ass good and proper. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________

Halloween: 2 Creatures

An oversized evil pumpkin has invaded our little town!!! It moves like a Cactus, bites like a BBB and has a spawn rate like a SF, BEWARE!!!


It floats in the air like a Rock Demon, with the same speed as a Bonehead, be careful as it has a strong "Knock-Back" punch.



To interact with a shop, simply stand or sit by the middle and press 'Ctrl' (Control) on your keyboard, and a menu will open.

Use the black arrows to browse up and down the menu.

You can buy items by Left clicking the "B U Y" icon on each side of an item.


You can sell your items by pressing the Right Mouse Button on an item in your Inventory.
To see the Name and Price of an Item, simply hold your mouse cursor over it.


Purchase Items  

Feather Hat
- 300 Gold

Shady Hat -
- 220  Gold

Fireman Hat -
- 200 Gold

Knight Helmet -
- 2,800 Gold

Wizard Hat
- 9,000 Gold

Pirate Hat
  - 12,000 Gold

Red Bandana -
- 800 Gold
Yellow Bandana -
- 800 Gold
Blue Bandana -
- 800 Gold
Green Bandana -
  - 800 Gold

Tree Branch -
- 60 Gold
Hatchet -
- 400 Gold

Dagger - - 1,000 Gold
Short Sword -
- 2,000 Gold
Whip -
- 2,400 Gold

Sell Items/Items Stats 

Attack strength (Att) is based on a scale from 1-10,  weakest to the strongest.

Fireman Hat -
- 100 Gold - +1 Str, +1 Def

Shady Hat -
  - 110 Gold - +1 Int, + 1 Def

Jester Hat -
-150 Gold - +1 Agi, + 1 Def

Feather Hat -
  - 150 Gold - +4 Jump

Bandit Mask
- 600 Gold - +2 Agi, +3 Spe

Ninja Mask -
- 750 Gold - +3 Agi, +1 Def

Knight Helmet -
  - 1,400 Gold - +2 Vit, +3 Def, +8 Hp

Bunny Ears
- 1,500 Gold - +5 Agi

Viking Helmet -
-1,600 Gold - +3 Str, + 3 Def

Skull Mask -
- 4,000 Gold - +2 Str, + 2 Vit, +2 Def, +27 Hp

Wizard Hat -
- 4,500 Gold - +5 Int, +1 Def, +50 Sta

Frog Hat -
- 5,000 Gold - +1 Def, +5 Jump

Black Bunny Ears - - 5,000 Gold - +6 Agi

Pirate Hat -
  - 6,000 Gold - +5 Str

Top Hat -
- 7,000 Gold - +1 Str, +1 Agi, +1Vit, +3 Int, +1 Def, +4 Hp, +25 Sta
Froggy Hat - - 20,000 Gold - +3 Def, +4 Jump
Dragoon Helmet -
- 10 Gold - +3 Str,  +1 Agi, +2 Vit, +5 Def, +1 Jump

Red Bandana -
- 400 Gold - +2 St
Yellow Bandana -
- 400 Gold - +2 Agi
Blue Bandana -
- 400 Gold - +2 Vit
Green Bandana -
  - 400 Gold - +2 Int

Punch -
- 1.0 Att
- 1.9 Att

Tree Branch -
- 30 Gold - 2.5 Att

Hatchet -
- 200 Gold - 2.7 Att

Dagger -
- 500 Gold - 2.9 Att

Whip -
- 1,200 Gold - 3 Att

Katana -
- 3,500 Gold - 3.5 Att

Short Sword -
- 1,000 Gold - 4.9 Att

Scythe -
- 4,000 Gold - 6 Att

Wooden Hammer - - 5,000 Gold - 7.4 Att

Stone Hammer - - 10,000 Gold - 7.9 Att

Great Sword
- 10 Gold - 8.2 Att

Inferno Sword - 10 Gold - 8.4 Att - Hits multiple targets

Special Items, Admin Weapons and Tournament Prizes 

Edge Punisher - - 10 Gold - ? Att - (Not available, owned by - Rayu)

Emerald Sword - - 10 Gold - ? Att - (Not available, owned by - Chaos)

Scotty's Axe - - 10 Gold - ? Att - (Not available, owned by - Scotty)

Blood Sword - - 10 Gold - ? Att - (Not available, owned by - Venuse)

The Gauntlet - - 10 Gold - ? Att - (Not available, owned by - Lingus)

Dual Pistols - - 10 Gold - ? Att - (Not available, owned by - Meiun)

Flame Gauntlet - - 10 Gold - 5 Att - Hits multiple targets (Not available, owned by - Ludacris)

Ghost Lantern - - 500 Gold - +2 Int, 2.5 Att (Available at Halloween only, by defeating Ghosts)

Red Present/Gift Box - - (Drops: Gold , Red Candy Cane , Santa Hat )

Blue Present/Gift Box - - (Drops: Gold , Blue Candy Cane , Santa Hat )

Green Present/Gift Box - - (Drops: Gold , Green Candy Cane , Santa Hat )
Red Candy Cane - - 250 Gold - 2.5 Att (Available at Christmas only, by opening a Red Present/Gift Box)

Blue Candy Cane
- 250 Gold - 2.5 Att (Available at Christmas only, by opening a Blue Present/Gift Box)

Green Candy Cane
- 250 Gold - 2.5 Att (Available at Christmas only, by opening a Green Present/Gift Box)

Santa Hat -
- 500 Gold - +2 Int, +5 Hp, +5 Sta (Available at Christmas only, by opening a Present/Gift Box)

Jacko Hat - - 250 Gold - +1 Str, +1 Vit, +2 Def, +5 Sta, +4 Hp (Available at Halloween only, by killing Pumpkins)

Pumkin Hat - - 250 Gold - +1 Str, +1 Vit, +2 Def, +9 Hp (Available at Halloween only, by killing Pumpkins)


Gravity Crown - - 10 Gold -  -5 Gra - +3 Def, +10 Hp, +3 Jump, +3 Spe, (Not available, owned by - Disasteroid)

Ice Crown -
- 10 Gold - +3 Str, +1 Agi, +1 Vit, +3 Int, +2 Defence (Not available, owned by - St3k)

King Crown -
- 10 Gold - +2 Str +2 Agi +2 Vit +2 Int +3 Def (Not available, owned by - Ludacris)

Gaia Crown -
- 10 Gold - +7 Def  (Not available, owned by - Special Boy)

GM Helmet
- 10 Gold - +8 Str +8 Agi +8 Vit +8 Int +15 Def, +5 Spe, +5 Jump (Available to Admins only)

How to get items  

Here you'll find which items each Creature/NPC drops.


Blob - Gold - Fireman - Shady Hat - Jester Hat - Feather Hat - Tree Branch

Rock Demon
- Gold - Feather Hat - Knight Helmet - Viking Helmet - Dagger - Short Sword

Rock Beast
- Gold - Knight Helmet - Viking Helmet - Short Sword - Stone Hammer

- Gold - Bandit Mask - Ninja Mask - Dagger - Short Sword

Big Blob Boss
- Gold - Ninja Mask - Knight Helmet - Viking Helmet - Tree Branch - Wooden Hammer - Great Sword

- Gold - Feather Hat - Ninja Mask - Bunny Ears - Dagger - Short Sword

Black Bunny
- Gold - Feather Hat - Ninja Mask Black Bunny Ears - Dagger

Cactus - Gold - Frog Hat - Froggy Hat - - Top Hat - Dagger - Whip - Wooden Hammer

Bone Head - Gold - Skull Mask - Top Hat - Scythe 

Sand Fiend - Gold - Pirate Hat - Katana - Great Sword

Dark Sage - Gold - Wizard Hat - Dragoon Helmet - Scythe Inferno Sword

Pumpkin - Gold - Jacko Hat - Pumkin Hat

Ghost  - Gold - Ghost Lantern


Tips and Tricks 

When an enemy drops an item, be sure to pick it up, because if you walk a certain distance away from it, chances are that it'll disappear, so be careful.

When running around, if you stumble across an enemy don't just hit him and run off, be sure to kill him and collect everything he drops.

I remember when I first got a Short Sword it was when I was running around the Bandit area, I hit a Bandit a couple times and ran off not too far. Another nearby player jumped off a branch and killed it, I was about to carry on running but I decided to run back for some reason, and to my surprise I found a Short Sword just lying an the floor a long with a decent amount of Gold. I used to think to myself, if I didn't go back I wouldn't have found a SS for probably another 5-6 levels.


How to get to the 2nd and 3rd branch in the Green Lands

Well all you need is 16 Agi to be able to jump onto the 2nd branch from the 1st branch and also the floor without having to equip a Feather Hat or Frog Hat.

But if you want to be able to get to the 2nd branch without having 16 Agi then all you need is a Feather Hat or Frog Hat and the following stats which will enable you get there.

Feather Hat - 9 Agi is required for you to be able to get from the 1st branch to the 2nd, and 11 Agi

is needed to jump from the floor to the 2nd.

Frog Hat - 9 Agi is required to be able to jump from the 1st branch onto the 2nd. All you need is 6 Agi

to get on top of the 2nd branch from the floor.

How to kill Rock Demon's with ease

First of all you should know there are 2 different types of edges on the mountain; One which is small and you will get hit if crouching behind it, and the other which is big and if you're crouching behind it you wont get hit at all. If you want to kill Rockies easily then you must crouch behind the big edges and keep attacking them. When they move down to your edge, simply "Crouch Jump" over them and resume attacking, then make sure you're out of the way so they can't reach out and hit you, when they follow you up here, quickly "Crouch Jump" back over their head back to the edge and continue attacking, do this repeatedly until they're dead.

If you come across let's say 2 - 3 Rockies, simply do the same as above, but be sure to keep your distance from them and constantly run away from them to heal.

How to kill a BBB easily

I once killed 5 - 6 BBBs on my own, in a row and without dying once. I was Lvl: 25 at the time and proved that it was possible.
Killing a BBB on your own without dying can be very easy if you follow these steps I am about to tell you.

1st - If you spot a BBB don't go near it until you have regained all of your Health and Stamina.

2nd - Once you are fully healed, equip your best Armour and Weapon.

Here are a few examples that might help you...
Speed and Distance - Bandit Mask
+ Whip

Defensive and Strong -  Knight Helm + Short Sword

Tough and Powerful -  Viking Helmet + Wooden Hammer (Kind of defeats the purpose of killing BBBs)

3rd - Once you've equipped your stuff, run to it and start attacking, and keep "Crouch Jumping" over it constantly to prevent yourself from getting hit.

4th - You need to make sure you keep the BBB away from all bridges and thorn pits, to prevent it from falling off.

5th - Every time your health reaches around 50-60, it is advised that you run away from the BBB until it stops following you, sit down and start regaining all your Health and Stamina, once you've fully healed, run back to the BBB and start attacking it again, keep doing this until it dies.

How to increase a BBB's spawn rate

You can increase the chance of a BBB spawning by killing loads of Blobs. Go to wherever there are plenty of blobs and start killing them all, keep doing this in the 1st and 2nd part (shown below), and you're bound to see a BBB any minute if not soon.

These are the only 2 parts of the game where BBBs spawn:

1st part - In between the 1st bridge and the 2nd flag.

2nd part
- In between the 3rd flag (which is located on the right side of the 'Rocky Mountain') all the way up to the 1st thorn pit.

You can refer to my MiniMap located at the top of this page to help identify these points.


How to kill bunnies easily

There are 3 ways of killing a bunny without making it fall...but it's complicated and freustrating.

Bunnies can be very annoying especially when they're near an edge and about to fall off.

1st - If you have low "Agi" then you cannot catch up to it, so log off and then log back on with a different account which appens to be on the opposite side. Head towards the Bunny, leading it away from and edges, then log back on to your other account and attack it. Keep repeating this procces until someone walks by to help or until you eventualy kill it. (This is time consuming and unreliable)

2nd - If you have over 15+ "Agi", simply equip your Feather Hat + Whip, then go near the bunny crouch jump towards it then hit it quickly with your whip, keep doing this until it dies. If the bunny gets near the edge, you can do what I said above or you can lay and pray for someone to come by from the opposite side.(This is also time consuming and unreliable)

3rd - Two players need to be on each side of the bunny, one of the left and one on the right. Equip; your fastest armour, and weapon with the longest reach.

Speed and Reach - Bandit Mask + Whip 

One should chase after the Bunny and try to hit it, then the player on the opposite side should do the same, never let the Bunny run past you Keep repeating this proccess carfully and you'll kill it in no time, as it's relatively weak. (This is the best and easiest method of killing a Bunny and the most preferred choice)


How to kill a Dark Sage

It's pretty simple really,fight for your life and don't die, equip your best Armour and Weaponry then give it all you've got. Always remember that if you have low health, you must immediately take cover and rest or you will surely die. Be careful not to get careless or too greedy.

Here are a few examples that might help you...

Speed and Distance - Black Bunny Ears + Great Sword

Defensive and Strong -  Skull Mask + Stone Hammer

Tough and Powerful -  Dragoon Helmet + Inferno Sword

Remember, survival is key! Your best chances are to fight him with a group, preferably 5 or more people. It is your only best chance of successfully killing him, and getting that item you really want!


Best Stat builds 

If you want to be built for killing enemies, then it's best to have a high Strength account with slightly lower Defence. These are my Stats on 'Th3_Natural' account, it has the potential of being a very good stat build, but you must have a Dragoon Helmet  + Inferno Sword , if you have these two and have this stat build you will be almost unbeatable.

(50 Strength - 6 Agility - 40 - Vitality - 6 Intelligence)

If you want to be built for pure PvP then you should have a high Defence account with slightly lower Strength.

(30 Strength - 6 Agility - 60 - Vitality - 6 Intelligence)

If you want to be good at PvP but want to be fast at the same time then you can have high Speed and good Strength and Defence.

(30 Strength - 30 Agility - 30 - Vitality - 12 Intelligence)


 ----------The End----------

I hope you enjoyed this Walkthrough and found it helpful, quite alot of hard work and long hours went into making this comprehensive strategy guide. Thanks to all those who found it useful and I appreciate everyones interest and enthusiasm. Thank You!
 "All good things must come to an end, make your best of what time you have, use it wisely and to its utmost fullest."