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ROBERT WILLIAMS, drummer and percussionist in the magic band from late 1977 until spring 1981, always had an overdose of energy. so no wonder that, during his membership of the group, he collaborated with his colleague eric feldman on norman rockwell's album 'black and white' (1978) and even formed an occasional duo with englishman hugh cornwell (ex-strangler in 1979) to make the elpee 'nosferatu' and the single 'white room'.

besides several collaborations, he also released a few solo records after his depart, all involving former colleagues: 10-inch 'buy my record' (1981; with eric feldman, bruce fowler, jeff tepper and denny walley), full album 'late one night' (1982; with bruce and denny), and his recent ceedee 'date with the devil's daughter' (1998; with bruce and jeff).

you can find all about his lives and times with captain beefheart and the magic band in a 1997 interview, but also on his fresh website the devil's playground. although: no, not áll! for there is missing an important item in his discography...!

it is the single he made in 1980 - so when he was fully part of beefheart - with a group called EAZY TEETH (or was it a joke? that could explain why perhaps he doesn't want to be reminded of it)....
PAUL YOUNG [roadie of the magic band and called 'eazy teeth' by captain beefheart due his smile] on serge synthesizer and steiner e.v.i., and ROBERT WILLIAMS on drums and synares played the instrumental b-side 'her blade', while TITO LARRIVA joined them on the a-side 'car noise' with speaking vocals. the main musical direction of 'car noise' - the wake-up sign of the big city - is minimal art, while 'her blade' is (more) experimental music - or just a sound-check?

the single was released on dental records dr 001 (probably their one and only release) in the united states - and presumably in a small amount. [i don't think it has sense anymore to investigate whether the company is still on suite 221, 11340 w. olympic boulevard, los angeles, ca 90064 - do you?]

well, see it with your own easy eyes:

captain beefheart - 'eazy teeth' single - art work by don van vliet 1980
front cover by ©vanvliet80

hey, robert, how about reissuing that single, 10-inch and elpee together on a ceedee? after all: its logical title 'eazy teeth, buy my record late one night' wouldn't be a bad start....


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