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dear visitor, ALWAYS REMEMBER PIERRE ANTAYA! thanks to him i must confess a mistake with the mysterious previous photo: it turned out to be só tricky i have to give the following EXPLANATION why he must be immortal (and i've changed my mind):

as i didn't take the shot myself, i had to rely on the caption to it: zoot horn rollo, beefheart, rockette morton, art tripp, drumbo - ca. 1970. well, where there's BILL HARKLEROAD aka zoot horn rollo, there's MARK BOSTON aka rockette morton: so there is no doubt about the three man on the left. then the guessing starts with the bareheaded guy. for it can't be jeff cotton, because hé never wore an antennae on his upper-lip. and then: was art really that skinny? pictures from 1972 give another impression….

so better, lets try to identify the fellow most to the right. he's so good disguised it could be john 'drumbo' french indeed; but he unquestionably wears the same headgear as the mascara snake on the gatefold inner of 'trout mask replica'! now, VICTOR HAYDEN wasn't a mere guest but also played with the magic band on a few concerts in 1969 [please, don't ask me to point out exactly where i've read it]. or did he lend his gear to john? not presumably, is it?…

then there is the 'room' they are standing in: in front of a loosely suspended cloth, under a ceiling in which you can clearly recognise the folds of a kind of… tent!? so now i actually think this must be a REALLY UNIQUE PICTURE of the band that played the notorious AMOUGIES FESTIVAL on a chilly turnipfield in BELGIUM on tuesday (night) 28.10.69! and also that the art tripp look-a-like in fact must be the short-lived magic drummer JEFF BURCHELL.

in case you need some more proof, i've dug up the only other known photo of that gig: the front cover of the extremely rare french single 'pachuco cadaver'. spot for instance that don wears the same hat and jacket as on the mysterious picture. and bill harkleroad too...

zoot horn rollo / bill harkleroad, captain beefheart / don van vliet - live actuel festival, amougies, belgium 1969 - picture sleeve 'pachuco cadaver' - picture by p. gras
cover photo by p. gras

p.s. if you like, there are some memories available of the festival by
don van vliet and the 'master of ceremonies' frank zappa


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