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music project various artists * FAST 'N' BULBOUS the captain beefheart project
started europe 21.10.2001 usa 09.02.02

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usa 2005 ceedee cuneiform rune 205

'fast 'n' bulbous' captain beefheart tribute - usa 2005 cd 'pork chop blue around the rind'

all instrumentals!

SUCTION PRINTS shiny beast (bat chain puller) 1978 instrumental by origin
ABBA ZABA safe as milk 1967
WHEN I SEE MOMMY I FEEL LIKE A MUMMY shiny beast (bat chain puller) 1978
EVENING BELL ice cream for crow 1982 instrumental by origin
PACHUCO CADAVER trout mask replica 1969
WHEN IT BLOWS ITS STACKS the spotlight kid 1972
A CARROT IS AS CLOSE AS A RABBIT GETS TO A DIAMOND doc at the radar station 1980 instrumental by origin
SUGAR 'N' SPIKES trout mask replica 1969
WHEN BIG JOAN SETS UP trout mask replica 1969
DALI'S CAR trout mask replica 1969 instrumental by origin
VETERANS DAY POPPY trout mask replica 1969
KANDY KORN strictly personal 1968
TROPICAL HOT DOG NIGHT shiny beast (bat chain puller) 1978


by teejo

to round off their captain beefheart tribute, the FAST 'N' BULBOUS musicians went to a recording studio to play stuff from the live performances for an album (including an instrumental they don't seem to have done before: 'dali's car'). as the concept for the project hadn't changed, the PORK CHOP BLUE AROUND THE RIND ceedee has no influence on my opinion that it is good music, but little beefheart.

'fast 'n' bulbous' captain beefheart tribute - usa 2005 cd 'pork chop blue around the rind' - the musicians

i fear this disc will only be interesting to friends and family of the players, who can get the record directly from cuneiform for thirteen us dollars (plus shipping) or listen to a real audio version of 'suction prints' there.



other REVIEW

mike barnes - mojo #136 - england 010305

new york city-based beefheat septet has magic band guitarist on board.

few groups do justice to the music of captain beefheart, not least because its so damn difficult to play, but this is something else. 'fast 'n' bulbous' is the brainchild of gary lucas and saxophonist arranger of its blazing four-piece brass section, phillip johnston.

the rhythm section get right inside the structure of these tunes, lucas synthesises two guitars' lines into one, while the brass take care of the main themes, teasing out unexpected melodies. the band rip into tracks from 'trout mask replica' with glee, transforming 'pachuco cadaver' and 'sugar'n' spikes' into raucous freewheeling celebrations of beefheart's feral genius. an elongated 'when it blows its stacks', on which the soloists take it in turns to cut loose, is dark and sonically massive.

it's quite a blast and, of course, an invitation to the mother of all karaoke sessions.

rating: four stars


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captain beefheart electricity
as felt by teejo